Wear beard and turban in Quebec, a proof of courage, says Singh

MONTREAL – NDP leader Jagmeet Singh says that wearing a beard and turban in Quebec is his way of defending the rights of those who feel they are victims of the Quebec law on secularism.
On thesixth day of the election campaign, Mr. Singh spent a second day in Quebec selling his province-specific platform.

In an interview Monday morning on CBC radio, he had to defend himself from having committed not to participate in the legal challenge to the Quebec law on secularism.

To the host of the Montreal morning show who asked him why he would not go to court to defend the right to freedom of religion, he replied that he was there, in Quebec, wearing turban and beard, proof that he defends this right.

“You have someone campaigning in this province with signs of his faith, showing courage,” he said.

A few minutes later, he was interviewed by Radio-Canada radio, where he focused on his platform for Quebec, unveiled the day before.

He promised to submit companies under federal jurisdiction to Bill 101. It commits itself never to impose a major project, such as an oil pipeline, without the agreement of the Quebec government. It also promises to increase immigration transfers to facilitate the learning of French and the integration of newcomers.

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