Waterloo beer festival: a world of people for microphones

As an alcohol that gains in quality over time, the Waterloo Beer Festival continues to improve year after year. The 4th draft of the event attracted a record number of participants with 2300 visitors on Saturday.
It ‘s not just beer brewed by microbreweries in the region. They also brew and especially ideas to stand out in this industry in full bustle. The same logic applies to events highlighting the brewing industry that have proliferated in the province in recent years.

With a massive increase in ridership, the Waterloo Beer Festival seems to stand out. “This year, with 2,300 people, it’s a great good. Last year the weather had not been with us and we had a traffic of 1400 visitors, “says the co-organizer of the event, Jessika Lemay Fancy Goat productions.


The organizers of the festival wanted to know where the visitors came from. By gathering some information, they have noticed that the festival’s influence far exceeds Brome-Missisquoi and Haute-Yamaska. “With the postal codes of the people, we were able to know that there are even people from the North Shore of Montreal who decided to come and have a beer in Waterloo,” rejoiced Mrs. Lemay.

According to the latter, it is the desire to renew the event that attracts beer lovers in greater numbers each year.

“We always try to have about half new microbreweries every year. We have also installed a terrace to allow people to sit and enjoy quietly. This has been much appreciated by families and people a little older, “says the co-organizer.

The organization also invited a spirits producer, Ungava. A first for the event that has however already hosted vineyards.

Participating microbreweries included Broadway (Shawinigan), 2 Brothers (Montreal), Vrooden (Granby), Robin (Waterloo) and Farnham Ale & Lager (Farnham).

Two local artists, the singer Jonathan Chagnon and the folk duo Cayenne, provided the animation during the day.

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