Valoris rules with Geratek

The dispute between the Valoris residual materials recycling center and Gératek is closed. The Valoris Board of Directors voted last Thursday for a final discharge in the Superior Court case involving both parties. Valoris opted to pay $ 37,223.39 in order to avoid additional legal fees.
In 2017, both parties reached an agreement. Gératek had completed the construction and the work required at the sorting center for $ 17.6 million. The initial cost was valued at $ 13.3 million. After a mediation in November that year, Valoris agreed to pay a second partial release. The last amount that will be paid in the next few days will end the file.

“We had an agreement for two years, confirms the general manager of Valoris, Denis Gélinas. There remained a small clause that concerned the water basin that serves as a reserve for fires. There was a leak that has since been clogged. We agreed rather than spend money with lawyers. Rather than putting resources in the hands of professionals to determine who is right, we decided to finish that. The observation we make is that the basin is fairly stable. ”

The sum was already budgeted, according to Mr. Gélinas

Cancellation of a call for tenders

The Valoris Board of Directors also rejected the results of the call for tenders for the closure of a landfill cell.

“The results were 50% higher than the expected cost. Rather than assume it, we will wait for the closure of the other half of this cell. We think there will be savings to achieve, “summarizes Denis Gélinas.

“We will still have to work to prevent water infiltration and odors. ”

What kind of savings are anticipated for the closure of the entire cell, an activity planned for the end of 2021?

“There is a cost called mobilization-demobilization of the contractor. When he comes to put his caravan, it costs money, a few hundred thousand dollars. When we do it just once, we will save. ”

Considering the higher than expected costs in the call for tenders, will Valoris have to review its budget in anticipation of the closure of these cells? “Every time a ton comes in here, in the $ 237 that we charge, there is a sum that is set aside for the closing fund of the cell and a sum for the post-closure. In this case, the fund was not enough. We will propose to the budget to put a little more leeway to counter that when we reach the end of the useful life and avoid that we end up with a deficit in the fund. ”

Tonnage less than 2019

The tonnage of residual materials transported to Bury in 2019 is down compared to the tonnage of 2018 as of July 31st. Overall, it’s 7% lower than last year. At the residential scale, the quantity of material is 9% higher, but the main decrease is with municipalities that are not members of Valoris. Stoke, Saint-Camille and Ham South have indeed decided to drop Valoris, resulting in a 45% drop in materials carried by non-members.

There was also a slight decrease from construction, renovation and demolition products, but with the season having started late, results are expected to be similar to 2018.

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