University of Ontario English: Andrew Scheer is pronounced

The Conservative Party of Canada (CCP) has reduced the uncertainty for the future of the University of Ontario (UOF) that would trigger the federal election without an agreement to fund the institution.
Theleader of the political party, Andrew Scheer, announces Friday morning that he supports the project. Without specifying the amount he is willing to pay, he claims that a federal government led by the CCP would be involved in financing the start of the UOF.

In a meeting between federal party leaders last November, Scheer said he put proposals on the table to help create the UOF.

“At this meeting, I not only reaffirmed my support for the project, but I also put forward concrete ideas for its realization, such as bequeathing to the UOF of land or buildings that belong to the federal government Says the Conservative leader in a statement.

Let us remember that the federal Liberal government and the Progressive Conservative government have been negotiating more intensively in recent days to formalize an agreement on the financing of UOF before the federal election.

UOF Governance Council Chair Dyane Adam told Law on Thursday that the lack of an agreement before the elections could delay the “opening of the higher education institution” by “several years”. a long time by the Franco-Ontarian community.

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