To reconnect with the lost art of greeting cards

“In an era where everything is going fast and email, text message and Instagram photo are sent out very quickly”, handing out a handwritten greeting card has become a rarer but more significant gesture, says Michèle Plomer.
In the midst of poinsettias at Les Serres Saint-Élie, the author and her friend Anne-Brigitte Renaud invite citizens to return to this tradition free of charge on December 7 and 8, during a new initiative by Les Correspondances d’Eastman . In particular, the artists animate writing workshops at 11 am and 2 pm every other day, as well as accompanying the visitors who are ready to play during the day.

“The perfect greeting card is the card you write for yourself first,” says Plomer. It’s a moment when we settle down and think about the relationships that are important to us. This is a moment when we connect with what this person has represented for us or represents for us. It’s a moment of sharing. Sometimes it’s imperfect, but that’s what we also transmit: the human in us, the imperfection and just the momentum of the emotion we want to transmit. That everything is not licked as when a machine helps us to perfect it. ”

In this spirit, Marie Sirois, who considers herself a lover of literature, felt the need to sit Saturday to address her 27-year-old daughter, residing in Sherbrooke. “When you send a card, you send something concrete, with the time and attention it has taken,” said Mrs. Sirois. It’s a creative gesture. We have stopped time for that person, there is already a present in that. ”

Reconciliations and literary flights were numerous on Saturday, as Mrs. Plomer testifies. “A lady told us that she was writing a map for the first time in her own words. She left with a nice pile. It was very touching, “says the author, who has already made 20 greeting cards this year.

“The holiday season has a different meaning for everyone,” she explains. It’s not always an easy time either, but it’s a time when you are more leaning into emotions. Why not seize these rising emotions to write the letter of condolence that we never wrote? ”

Art and horticulture

The Saint-Elie Greenhouses, which were associated for the first time at the Eastman Correspondence, saw a great opportunity to discover their room poinsettias, the proceeds of sale will be donated to the House Dawn-Light.

“We still find that our environment is enormously inspiring, notes Noémie Frigon, marketing manager for the company. There is an artistic side too. By inviting people to come here, we are opening a new market and we are attracting new people to something that is important to us, writing. ”

Sunday will also include a dedicated segment for children.

The organizers offer a free greeting card to each participant.

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