Three teenagers arrested during a “tour” of robberies in cars

About 40 residents of the Ascot area were victims of three thieves in their vehicles.
Duringthe night of Monday to Tuesday, three teenagers hit the streets of the Golden Ship, Winter Night and Thousand Bees.

“The teens were trying on the vehicle doors in the parking lots of residences. When the vehicle was unloaded, they stole the items there, “said Sherbrooke Police Service spokesman Martin Carrier.

Using this simplistic stratagem, the two teenagers stole money, coats cards, wallets, any valuable items from the vehicles.

Where the rub is that a resident of the area has witnessed their “tour”.

“They were caught in the act while flying in cars. We were able to recover the articles, “said the SPS spokesperson.

The three teenagers aged 16 and 17 should be charged with theft in vehicles in the youth court of the Court of Quebec at the Sherbrooke courthouse.

Even though there is no legal requirement to lock his car doors in the parking lot of his residence, unlike the street where in a public parking lot, the SPS recommends doing so.

“It can avoid being in this kind of situation,” said the SPS spokesperson.

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