The Vert & Or bows on the last game of the match

For the second year in a row, the Université de Sherbrooke’s Vert & Or lost to the Concordia Stingers on the final game of the game. On Saturday afternoon, it was a placement of 36-yard rookie kicker Bradley James Santos, who gave the win 37-35.
A bitter defeat for the Sherbrookois, who made a comeback late in the game; After recovering from a short kick, the Vert & Or attack went through the field and quarterback Zach Cloutier, who replaced Anthony Robichaud, joined receiver Christian Sénécal 27 yards for the major.

With a little over 30 seconds to go in the game, Vert & Or took the lead and he thought he had won a second game, in the last moments, for a second week in a row.

Last week, we remember, Cloutier gave the victory to Sherbrooke after a streak of a yard against McGill.

This time, on the other hand, quarterback Adam Vance and the Stingers attack had just over 30 seconds to position the rookie kicker for a winning goal, and that’s what they were able to accomplish. .

Vance joined James Tyrrell, his favorite target in the match (11 catches, 176 yards and two touchdowns), in the middle of the field, before doing the same with Jeremy Murphy.

A game later, and Santos dashed for the victorious kick, which raised the crowd present, for a second year in a row.

In 2018, the Stingers had played the same game at the Vert & Or, winning the game in the final seconds, thanks to a touch pass captured by Tyrrell, still him.

This Stingers win further complicates the ranking of Quebec university football; Sherbrooke and Concordia have the same record, one win and three losses, while McGill is 1-2.

The Carabins of the University of Montreal are in the lead thanks to a 4-0 record, while Quebec is 2-1.

Sunday’s matchup between McGill and Quebec takes on its importance.

Errors and reversals

The attack on Vert & Or has had all sorts of difficulties, in the first half, struggling to make progress.

Anthony Robichaud (2-for-4, 6-yard win and one interception) was replaced after throwing an eighth interception in just over three games, and that’s another rookie quarterback, Zach Cloutier (23-40). , 326 yards of gain, one touchdown pass, one interception and two touchdowns), which came to the field.

The match featured two teams that had previously struggled to score touchdowns with their attack; Sherbrooke only had two, while Concordia was still looking for her first major.

Precision kicker Louis Tardif gave Sherbrooke a 3-0 lead early in the game, before the locals responded with a touchdown, the first from Tyrrell, and two placements.

Another placement of Tardif, and a snatch of a yard of Cloutier brought the two clubs to square one.

Concordia hit hard late in the first half, while the Vert & Or Tertiary could not hold Tyrrell, who scored a major over 64 yards, and the Stingers returned to the locker room 20-13 early.

A 6-yard run by Glody Musangu at the start of the third quarter gave the Stingers a 27-13 lead.

Vert & Or waited for the fourth quarter before opening the machine; another Cloutier affair for the major, two Tardif placements and a single from PA D’Astous allowed the Sherbrookers to return to the match, warmly supported by several fans who made the trip to Montreal.

If Cloutier’s touchdown pass to Sénéchal made them leap for joy, the final kick was as heartbreaking.

“It’s definitely fun to win, we’ve shown we’re a team that does not give up, even when they score in the end. We just kept working together, that was the message in training this week, working together. Hats off to the end, and our rookie kicker, who replaced our regular kicker, “said Stingers head coach Brad Collinson.

“This victory takes a lot of pressure off our shoulders and it feels good. We have a short week ahead of us, with a match against Montreal coming up. ”

Although he did well in this match, Zach Cloutier was disappointed by the turn of events.

“You always have to be ready, because you never know what kind of situation you may encounter. We just had to play the games we had to do. It’s been a while since I’m waiting to get my turn, and I’m pretty happy to be on the field. ”

“It’s sure that this defeat hurts, but we have to look ahead and think about the next game and continue to work hard. We did well, anyway, but it’s going to be analyzed this week on video. ”

“I do not look at individual stats, I just want victories,” said receiver Louis-Charles Moisan (10 catches for 139 yards of profit).

“Yes, it’s heartbreaking, especially since it’s been two years since it happened here. I believe in all the guys on the team and we will be able to beat them when they come home. On the other hand, there is a problem that must be dealt with with the punishments. ”

“We have two good quarterbacks so we’re comfortable with both.”

The Vert & Or was sentenced to 179 penalty yards, versus 203 for Concordia.

Sherbrooke faces McGill next Saturday in Montreal.

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