The transformed life of Bianca Andreescu

TORONTO – Winning the US Tennis Open has brought so much prestige to Bianca Andreescu that she can afford to leave Drake’s messages unanswered.
The passage Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Monday Andreescu told the American leader that she had not heard from Drake, whose success 5AM In Toronto was part of his song list to motivate , en route to a first singles triumph by a Canadian player at a Grand Slam tournament.

After seeing the interview, Drake contacted Andreescu, but the 19-year-old Ontarian did not respond immediately.

“I have a real conversation with him, it’s unreal,” said Andreescu at a press conference on Wednesday, where she read the messages Drake sent her to reporters.

“It’s like,” Here I am, smile emoticon. Congratulations. We are all proud of you. I liked each of the messages in which you were mentioned. LOL. I thought you would see “.”

“I did not see them. I just went on social media, Andreescu said. I was only posting things. It was cool . I do not even know what to say to that. It’s going to take time. ”

“He knows I saw the message,” she added with a laugh. Do not worry, I will answer, I will answer. I can not ignore his message. ”

This is just one of the surreal moments Andreescu has experienced since defeating the legendary Serena Williams 6-3, 7-5 in the US Open final on Saturday inside Arthur Stadium. Ashe, New York.

Whirlwind of interviews

It was a whirlwind of TV interviews, messages from Drake, Shania Twain, Toronto Raptors, and a return flight to Toronto on a private jet provided by Uninterrupted, the company’s social media platform. LeBron James.

“I still can not believe I went to the Tonight Show, ” Andreescu said.

“I did not think [Jimmy Fallon] was a real person before I met him. I watched her show so often and being able to sit in that chair was really nice. ”

Nearly 30 journalists, 20 television cameras and a dozen photographers were at the Aviva Center on Wednesday for Andreescu’s first press conference in Canada since winning a first Grand Slam tournament.

She answered questions about how she celebrated her triumph (a dinner with her parents), which actress would personify her in a movie (Jennifer Lawrence), which song she listened to before Saturday’s final ( Hot Girl Summer by Megan Thee Stallion) and how her parents and her dog Coco manage this new fame.

“They get a lot of attention, especially my mother. I think she’s even on BuzzFeed. I think it deserves applause, “Andreescu said, applauding and sneering.

“It was really funny to see all the tweets my mom received, and of course my dog ​​Coco.”

Exactly a month ago, Andreescu was sitting in the same room and responding to reporters after winning the Rogers Cup final when Williams, her teenage idol, retired due to spasms on the back after just four games.

Since then, much has changed for Andreescu.

She moved up to fifth in the WTA standings, became the favorite for year-end honors on the Canadian sports scene, earned a check for US $ 3.85 million (5, $ 15 CDN), Saturday, and has gained universal fame.

However, Andreescu is still not satisfied.

“It will be time to move on after today, after all these activities with the media,” said Andreescu. Today, of course, I will celebrate a little and see my friends. But I remain focused on what’s coming. ”

In the meantime, Andreescu wants to qualify for the WTA Tour Final in Shenzhen, China, from October 27th to November 3rd. The top eight in the standings will be invited and for the moment, Andreescu holds the fourth step for this event.

Moreover, Andreescu plans to resume the necklace at the Beijing Open at the end of the month.

All that has slowed down Andreescu this year is right shoulder injuries and continual stiffness in her upper thighs. If we exclude the games where she had to retire because of injuries, she won her last 23 singles matches.

“If I’m healthy, I think I can achieve even greater things in sport,” said Andreescu. Injuries are one of the worst enemies of athletes because you sit around watching others play while you are injured. I do not think one athlete likes that. The main goal is to stay healthy as much as possible because I’ve been hurt a lot since the beginning of my young career. “

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