The SQDC will set up on Principale Street in Magog

The Quebec Cannabis Society (SQDC) will set up on the edge of Principale Street in Magog, just a stone’s throw from Merry Point and Lake Memphremagog, where tourists flock in the summer season.
TheSQDC will set up more specifically in premises belonging to the company Estridev, located at the corner of Principale Ouest and Saint-Patrice West. The future store will be next to a bakery and a petrol station. It will have an area of ​​approximately 200 square meters and will welcome its first customers towards the beginning of winter 2020.

“Wherever she opens a branch, the SQDC comes up all the time with the same concept. And the size of the outlets is not bad always similar. The future branch of Magog should look very similar to those created elsewhere in Quebec, “said Mathieu Gaudreault, spokesman for the organization.

Mr. Gaudreault emphasizes that the SQDC can not set up branches wherever it sees fit. The Quebec government forced it to not place a store within 250 meters of primary and secondary schools, a matter of not encouraging students to use cannabis. And everything indicates that this requirement will apply soon in the case of CEGEPs and universities.

“We sat down with people from Magog to choose the most relevant location for the establishment of our future branch in this municipality. The availability of the premises was obviously a factor that had to be taken into account, “notes the spokesman for the newly formed state-owned company.

In this regard, it is possible to point out that the Magogois elected officials first thought of compelling the SQDC to stay in the heart of downtown. But this idea was finally abandoned, especially because Brassard / Saint-Patrice Elementary School is located less than 250 meters from a major portion of the downtown shopping area.

Mayor of Magog, Vicki-May Hamm stresses that the legalization of recreational cannabis remains a sensitive subject in the population. “I think the arrival of the SQDC will not please everyone. However, we can not forbid his arrival and I believe that the location chosen for implementation is adequate. We had a consultation on this issue and people had specifically named this place, “she says.

Admitted to being among those who opposed the legalization of cannabis, councilor Nathalie Pelletier would have probably preferred that the SQDC does not plan to settle in Magogois soil in the short term. “But they have retained a more visible location for implantation and it’s probably better for surveillance,” she says.


According to the information disclosed, the Crown corporation will look for 20 people to work at its Magog branch. Full-time and part-time employees will work on site.

“Recruitment remains to be done, says Mathieu Gaudreault. The people who will be selected will have training and will have to undergo the criminal background check. To apply, interested persons must go to ”

In closing, the Crown Corporation recently opened a store in Granby and Sherbrooke. The deployment of the SQDC network was slow in the early days, due to a difficult supply and reluctance of some municipalities. But the pace seems to have accelerated in recent months.

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