The PQ opens its doors to non-members

The Parti Québécois (PQ) wants to do away with 25 years of mistakes and start afresh: it abandons the social-democratic label and opens the door to non-members.
Il but is silent on how to independence such as the referendum.

Nearly a year after a historic debacle that made him lose his official opposition rank, the PQ thus presented Wednesday a reform of its program and its statutes.

This report focuses on the “last 25 years”, the difficulties of the party, both to “clarify priorities” and to “stay the course on independence,” said the President of the PQ, Gabrielle Lemieux.

The presentation of this Declaration of Principles and the draft regulation took place during the two-day caucus of PQ elected representatives meeting in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield to prepare the start of the parliamentary session. The document, called the Main Proposal, will be submitted for adoption at the November Extraordinary Congress in Trois-Rivières.

Independence thus becomes “a new project embodied in values ​​and beliefs that will no longer be able to change at the mercy of the leaders,” said PQ’s president of the youth wing, Frédérique St-Jean.

The future leader chosen by the PQ in 2020 will therefore be bound by this new manifesto. The party has always been associated with social democracy throughout its history, but now prefers to avoid etiquette and retains the values ​​of “justice and fairness”.

According to Lemieux, “labels are not the way to approach people and talk about independence. […] We are not going to go on the ground and approach people saying: “We are separatists, come, we will convert you.”

She said that the party would listen to the concrete needs of people and try to respond to them, particularly with independence.

“We are not going to scatter,” assured the interim leader PQ, Pascal Bérubé.

New regulations

Recognized for its quibbles, the party now wants to “strengthen its cohesion” and have a “sense of unity well developed,” said Ms. Lemieux, putting in place new rules.

As such, the training wants to organize online consultations and open its doors to citizens who will not be members.

They will have the status of “sympathizer”, which will allow them to express themselves and influence the orientation of the party, without actively campaigning. They will be able to intervene in certain instances.

In addition, the PQ also recognizes the existence of a “cooperation network and its agora”, which will bring together organizations outside the party that want to collaborate to achieve its political objectives.

Finally, the party also wants to create affinity committees, which are groups that come together on the basis of common interests, characteristics or ideas. It will be flexible structures for consultation and thinking about ideas.

M me Lemieux said the PQ was inspired by the practices of some thirty political parties in the world.

Declaration of Principles

The Declaration of Principles sets out values ​​and reasons for independence, but without mentioning the terms of accession such as a referendum.

Among the stated values ​​are freedom, justice and equity, nationalism, and the environment.

In the scrum of the press at the PQ elected caucus in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, the MP for Rimouski, Harold LeBel, said that this declaration was made necessary because the party has changed chiefs often and “people do not recognize us anymore depending on the leader, we have a different image, and here we want to be recognized for what we are. ”

As for why there is no mention of the terms of accession to independence, the Member for Jonquière, Sylvain Gaudreault, said that three years from the next election, it is too early to start making the election. strategy.

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