The Mistral is targeting a national license

The Mistral de Sherbrooke has applied for a national license in 2021. In the midst of a major reform in the world of soccer in Quebec, and in Canada, while clubs will have to comply with a myriad of criteria, the club sherbrookois coordinates its actions to meet the requirements of the highest license proposed.
This is in this light that the club president, Abdullah Raouj and the club’s board of directors, mandated the management to invest more in the development of the elite teams, as the Mistral, if he gets the national license this fall, will have to be able to present teams in all elite categories, both male and female.

The Club Recognition Program is an initiative of Canada Soccer, established last year, and supported by Soccer Quebec.

It was designed to guide soccer clubs across the country towards the best principles of organizational development in the field as well as outside.

Specifically, access to competitions will be granted according to a principle of recognition, and no longer according to the old system of promotion or relegation.

“For the last two years, Soccer Canada has been setting quality standards for clubs. The acquisition of a license defines the desired direction for a club. There are four kinds of license; the basic license, the regional license, the provincial license and the national license. Basically, by applying for the national license, we will subsequently have to meet higher standards and requirements in order to compete in the highest competition circuits, “said Michel Mistral, the sports director and technical director. Couturier.

The criteria for regional and provincial recognition remain to be determined.

A club will have to demonstrate the quality of its organization, including governance, technology, infrastructure, and the administrative aspect, before being granted access to a competition.

A buffer period

However, these changes will not be effective for 2019 and 2020; this two-year period will be used primarily by Soccer Québec to set up the qualification and recognition process.

The competition structure will be gradually set up starting in 2021, notably through the first youth league in Quebec (category U13 and U14).

Basically, the Mistral will split its service offer into two parts; the leisure structure and the concretization of the Club Development Center (CDC), which aims to detect and develop the elite.

The actions of these CDCs will be centered around U8-U12 players who will want a more sustained coaching.

“So there will be two types of services. Our main challenge will be coaching education. The training framework, its duration and associated costs will be higher. We will have to invest a lot more than we did before. For example, to obtain a C license and to teach to the youngest students, it will be necessary to follow a training that lasts eight days. We have two years to show that the project is viable, “said Michel Couturier.

Supporting a competitive structure that can grow and develop players will be another challenge, believes Mr. Couturier.

“We want to avoid the exodus of good players to other clubs. This is why we must tighten our service offer by the CDC. The sports-studies, which is working with Soccer Estrie, will have to become even more elitist. Since we will probably be the only club in the region with a national license, we hope to attract the best players from all over the region. ”

Michel Couturier will now hold the position of Technical Director, in addition to his duties as Sports Director of the Mistral. He will replace Vincent Orsida, whose contract has not been renewed.

“I changed my mandate a bit, handed over some administrative files to others. It’s been two years since I was posted to Sherbrooke and it’s a mandate that turns me on. I am more of a developer. All that is coming is positive. There will now be rigor to do the high level, “he said.

“The leisure component no longer develops the elite, the data has changed. Now, the sport is developing more cylindrically and with the implementation of the CDC, it will be new soccer at 10 months per year.

However, the Board of Directors reiterates its desire to ensure the development of all its 3,500 members, regardless of their level.

The Mistral de Sherbrooke soccer club will work with the City of Sherbrooke and its regional soccer association, the ARSE, on this major project.

The recognition obtained by the club is valid for 2 years. Therefore, clubs that submitted an application for recognition before August 31 will have a recognition (subject to compliance with the criteria) valid from January 2021 to December 2022.

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