The Harfangs under the reflectors of Friday evening

The Juvenile Junior Boys’ Harfangs football team will play its inaugural local game under the reflectors of RBC Stadium on Friday night, hosting the Arsenal of the Académie Saint-Louis. Sherbrookers will also try to reap first victory in 2019.
In their first duel of the season, the Harfangs played in a two-game match against the Blizzard of Séminaire Saint-François.

If they did well in the first half, things got complicated afterwards, en route to a setback of 28-16,

The air attack, led by Yanick Daigle produced 350 yards; however, the ground attack was more timid, with only seven yards.

“We faced a good defensive front; it’s been the trademark of Blizzard for years. On our side, we have a young league offensive, since we lost all our starters last year. The guys have worked hard this week, we are working on the process, we want to improve every game, “said head coach Mathieu Lefaivre.

The latter was very satisfied with his quarterback Yanick Daigle, who was on his first start. He replaces Jérémy Desindes, who is now evolving with the Volunteers of the Cégep de Sherbrooke.

“He was placed in a situation not easy! I found him very calm, he applied the game plan. We can count on very good receivers, so he has distributed the ball. On the defensive, we will have to be more effective to counter the game on the ground.

Playing under the reflectors, in front of an imposing crowd, imposes a different preparation.

“It’s a two-edged knife; it can bring a good energy, and distractions at the same time. We must keep the same process of preparation. Our teens must learn to live this stress if they want to be ready for the next level. ”

St. Louis Academy (0-1) lost 22-0 in their first game against College Jean-Eudes.

The match is scheduled for 19h.

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