The happy whirl of Marc Dupre

We meet Marc Dupré at the restaurant of the Capitole Theater, the day after the gala there was animated to celebrate the reopening of the places after a makeover and the eve of the launch of the residence of shows that he will offer until the end of the month. A few days ago, he performed at Place Bell in Laval in the wake of the release of his seventh album, “Nothing is lost”. “I repeated these three shows at the same time,” he confirms.
In his role as singer-songwriter, coach of the television show ” La voix et le chapeau d’humoriste”, which he will find next summer at the helm of a ComediHa! Gala, Marc Dupré’s life looks like a little to a whirlwind. And he will not complain. “When the wind is calm, we know what happens with the sails …” philosopher the artist, who made the point with Le Soleil on his many projects.

Q You are exploring more urban sounds on your new album. What brought you here?

A On each album, I wanted to evolve, to find things, not to tell myself that I have to make such a style. I am a guy of feeling and instinct. I do not ask myself questions when I play music, because at the base I really do it for myself. I like a lot of things and I am very influenced by what I hear.

Q How did this collaboration with Laurence Nerbonne on the title Between Your Arms materialize?

R I like this girl, I like the way she does things. It’s refreshing, it’s zero compromise. My daughter made me discover her music. I started to dig a little, I came across his clips. It’s so different, what it does! I told him I would like to do something together. Two days later, she invited me to her studio. She had already worked beats . Me, I do not work like that! Usually, I take a guitar and I make a song. There she had her beats and she said, “Sing on it.” I was a little intimidated! It’s funny, because usually, it’s me who leads . There, I made myself leader. Laurence, she did everything herself. She did the tour, she guided me to the studio. It’s been another approach to work with her.

Q This album is your seventh in 14 years. Are you constantly writing?

R I write all the time. And not necessarily to make an album. To be in balance, there are people who need to be massaged, others who need to go for two weeks in the woods or fishing. Me, I need to take my guitar and write songs, just to release the emotion. I keep a lot of things. I always want to pay attention to the people around me. Sometimes it’s heavy, because I absorb the negative energy of people. And when I write, I release all that. When I’m stressed or impatient, I take my guitar. It’s flowing. I keep all this in my phone. But when I make an album, I do not find myself in it anymore. So I make other songs!

Q What will the residency at Capitol for the holiday season look like?

R It’s a party. I do some Christmas songs, but it’s really a mix. I know that the audience for this show is people on vacation and want to see a show, they are fans, they are office parties. They just can not wait to take off the tie and leave. You must give them this opportunity! I’m going to revisit a few things, we’re going back to the 90’s. I’m also surrounded by artists who are able to do a lot of things (Ludovick Bourgeois, Rick Pagano, Rafaëlle Roy, Jordan Lévesque, Mélissa Ouimet). There will be a little country, pop, rock, something more classic. And it is certain that there will be my songs.

Q How is your return to voice ?

R We started the auditions and it’s always the same: surprises over surprises, happiness … and disappointments! I want them all, I become super competitive. Not to drive crazy, but when I’m told no, it teases me, because I really want to work with this person. What I like about this show is that I do not feel like doing the same thing all the time, even if sometimes, I repeat myself, because it’s really hard to find so many qualifiers to tell someone that he is good. […] It’s fun because there is a nice spontaneity in the team. We, the coaches, we really just have to let ourselves be carried away by what is happening.

Q How do you envision your return to humor by hosting a ComediHa!

R Before doing The Voice , I wrote a two-hour comedy show that I never released. I worked with Louis-Philippe Rivard for two years. He was ready, we were starting to break it. It’s The voice that made us not leave it. But I still have it all at home. The texts are still relevant to me. And I have lots of comic friends with whom I want to go back. For real, it’s not so far from me to want to make people laugh. I do it a bit in my music shows. But at the ComediHa! Gala, it’s going to be real comedy numbers. We will puncher . I look forward!

Marc Dupré will be offering his third “Musical Party” on Capitol Hill from December 6th to 31st. He will host a ComediHa Gala! August 20, 2020 at the Palais Montcalm.

He will present his brand new show at the Odyssée Hall of the Maison de la Culture in Gatineau on October 23, 2020.

The new season of “The Voice” will air on TVA on February 9th.

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