The former organizers of Charest behind Sevigny

Dany Sévigny will be able to count on the support of several former organizers of Jean Charest in his campaign to restore Sherbrooke to the Conservative Party in Ottawa, as was the case with Mr. Charest from 1984 to 1998.
Peveral close to the former Conservative leader, who later became Liberal leader and Premier of Quebec, were on Thursday night, among the hundreds of supporters and activists who attended the campaign launch of Sévigny candidate in his local King Street West, on the edge of Lac des Nations.

Among them, André Couturier, Jean-Yves Laflamme, Louise Allard, Jean-François Rouleau, Roger Labrecque, Marc Vaillancourt and Julien Lachance joined Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu and Quebec Lieutenant of the Conservative Party Alain Rayes to support the candidature of Dany Sévigny.

The latter said he was happy to be able to count on their support, even though many of them left the Conservative Party to follow Jean Charest in the Quebec Liberal Party.

“They are friends,” said Mr. Sevigny smiling. It is true that they are Liberals at the provincial level, but it is mainly people who see that the Liberals in Ottawa are leaving us with an incredible deficit, who are not looking after Quebec and who are looking for confrontation, while the Conservative Party has always respected the fields of jurisdiction of Quebec, even recognized Quebec as a nation. That’s what they recognize in our party, “he added.

Speaking to the activists, Alain Rayes said that Dany Sévigny perfectly matched the criteria set by the PC when it came time to recruit candidates for the next election. “What we are looking for are determined people, involved in their community, both at the economic and community levels. We want people of influence, leaders, who will work for people. Dany fits exactly these criteria. Especially since he was named Grand Estrien by the community in 2018. I was really happy when he announced that he agreed to join us, “said Alain Rayes, outgoing Richmond MP -Arthabaska and former mayor of Victoriaville.

In his campaign launch speech, Dany Sévigny called on the population to support him on October 21st.

“Sherbrooke County has been absent from the government in Ottawa since 1998. We have not been here for 21 years. It has to change. ”

As for the Mainstreet poll, which places Dany Sévigny in third place with 13% of the support, Alain Rayes wanted to recall that he himself was in fourth place at the beginning of the 2015 campaign, which did not prevent him from to win on election night.

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