The end of the Scores and the beginning of Burger King

The King West Street Scores will close on January 24, 2020. The owner of the Rotisserie, also owner of the Burger King located in the same building, prefers to put his energies into this second franchise.
Ouvert in Sherbrooke for 18 years, the restaurant known for its salad bar employs around forty people. “Everyone has been notified of the closure of the restaurant,” commented Calile Haddad when joined by La Tribune .

The closing of the restaurant is not due to a lack of customers, says Mr. Haddad.

“My franchise agreement was over since 2017 and we have not been able to agree on a new contract,” he says.

With his wife, Mr. Haddad wants to continue the establishment of Burger King restaurants in Sherbrooke. Already, the opening of a second branch in eastern Sherbrooke is planned for the end of spring 2020.

“We are already thinking about a third branch. We also want to get out of Sherbrooke. The Burger King works great and we managed to improve the image of this restaurant. We want to focus on that in the future, “says the businessman

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