The doyenne of mixed martial arts

There is no age to discover a new passion. Even though this passion is called mixed martial arts. At the age of 45, Karine Beljadj won her first fight in K-1. And certainly not his last.
TheSherbrookoise had practiced karate for a single year when she was 18 before returning to the world of combat sports.

“But after a hard blow in my life, I needed something new to channel certain feelings. That’s when I tried kickboxing. I was 42 years old. ”

By registering at the Académie SGS and rubbing shoulders with her coach David Côté, Karine Beljadj decided to add another string to her bow by practicing jiu-jitsu. And then, the muay thai.

“I then made the jump to the competition by participating in a first fight of Muay Thai. But I lost by decision. ”

The fighter quickly realized that the decision of a fight should never be left in the hands of the judges.

“According to many, I deserved the victory. I still think it was a bad decision, “she says.

On August 24 in Quebec City, Karine Beljadj did not let the referees decide her fate: she beat Ariane Gauthier-Gimont by TKO in the second round in a K-1 fight [Editor’s note: kicking and punching] only].

“I was a lot less stressed than my first fight. I was nervous, but it was a good stress. The feeling after winning was quite special. When the others knew my age, everyone was surprised to see me in the octagon at 45 years old. ”

If fighting brings him a good dose of adrenaline, Karine Beljadj believes above all that training brings him a lot of benefits.

“I must be very disciplined. And I feel much better. Mixed martial arts allow me to push my limits. I feel very good thanks to this discipline. During the fighting, I can live the moment. And during training, I give myself thoroughly and I let off steam. Mentally, that’s a lot of good. Even if it is not my intention, many find me inspiring because of my age. So much the better, if it can lead others to surpass themselves, “Karine Beljadj says.

The latter finally admits that mixed martial arts will still be a hobby.

“I’m too old to make the jump to the professionals anyway! She laughs.

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