The Cine-Parc Orford goes on sale

The owners of Cine-Parc Orford want to sell their business despite growing revenues in recent years. They have begun discussions with employees interested in taking over, but they are open to other proposals.
The e CinĂ©-Parc Orford belongs to Jean-Yves Martel and Rene Gazaille. Both men say they are getting older and prefer to plan for retirement sooner rather than later. “We are in no hurry to sell and we do not intend to close. But we are starting to age and we want to find a new generation. A sales process can be long. It’s better to think about it in advance, “said the first of the two men.

The current season has been particularly satisfying for both business partners. “The drive-in has had the best results since its inception over 40 years ago. The weather was good and the movie The Lion King helped us a lot, “notes Mr. Martel.

Moreover, the duo of businessmen is seriously considering giving Ciné-Parc Orford a third screen and perhaps even a fourth. The third will potentially be added in the spring with an investment approaching $ 200,000.

“We had a good summer, but we’ve been growing since we bought the drive-in theater. Among other things, with one or two more screens, we could improve the offer for our regular local clientele. These people like to have more movies to offer. ”

According to the announcement posted online, the owners of the company would like to get close to $ 1 million of potential buyers. Located on Autoroute 10, the land on which the Cine-Parc Orford is located extends over 26 acres in commercial, industrial and recreational tourism.

Jean-Yves Martel argues that the public is more attracted to drive-ins these years. “The image on the screens is of a very high quality today. And then we are able to present primeurs to our customers. It’s even more interesting than movies that have already been seen by a lot of people, “he says.

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