The caravan restarts

The theater and hostel La Caravane restart. After a healthy break for a year, the owner of the place, Cécile Francoz, takes over the bar of his business model rather unique.
C écile Francoz felt the need to stop and travel a bit. She started her sabbatical year in June 2018 and took over the collar about two months ago. In the meantime, this great music lover has taken the time to travel to France, Costa Rica and Venezuela, not to mention a hook by Colombia, country whose spouse, Alexander Fabio Nieto Hernandez, is also originated.

“I had the taste to see other places like mine. I was hired at different locations with the Workaway site. I painted murals in some cases. It’s been rewarding, “she says.

When she announced her intention to stop for a year, Cécile Francoz had left a doubt about the future of her place of diffusion and about the formula she would introduce after her break. However, it is reviving the activities today without any major changes, except for the wood oven pizza that it now offers.

“The formula of The Caravan continues to suit me. I need to do various things in life and that’s what my hostel and theater allow me to do. ”

The return of Tomas Jensen

In a way, The Caravan will resume where she left her audience: the first weekend of his new season of activities, singer-songwriter Tomas Jensen will be on Sunday, at 6 pm, accompanied by the group Los Pacos. Jensen is the last artist to be on the stage of the small venue in 2018.

“Tomas is a good friend of mine and I love him. I thought it was a good idea to quickly invite him back to see us, “says Cécile Francoz, recalling that the artist was also the first to perform at La Caravane after it was founded.

Los Pacos sings for Alexander Nieto Hernandez. The band will offer several songs from the Latin repertoire. And he will accompany his guest from Argentina when he will sing some of his compositions.

Previously, the Barnatchok group will break the ice of the new season Friday at 8 pm.

Traditional rhythms

While flying over the programming of the next season, we realize that the traditional rhythms of here and elsewhere continue to be popular at La Caravane. “I like that kind of music,” concedes its owner.

On September 6th, the pair of Yann-Fanch Perroches and Ioana Lemoine will perform traditional ballads from Europe. The two artists will bring their audience to Ireland, Brittany, Scotland and Spain.

Then, on October 5th, the Pedro Diaz duo will stop. Peruvian multidisciplinary artist Pedro Diaz will be accompanied by percussionist Hyrum Riofano. On the menu: folklore with “Métis roots” of the Peruvian coast, with Peruvian instruments such as cajon, cajita and castanuelas.

Last but not least, Yohann Francoz, the owner’s son, will also present a show on October 11th. The young singer-songwriter will be with his mother and two sisters, Laetitia and Maïka Francoz-Lévesque.

Cécile Francoz will climb three times herself on stage next season, as she is part of the Kyriaki group, the Melee Choir and Los Pacos, all in the lineup.

“When I opened La Caravane, I wanted to make a place where I would feel comfortable doing music. I learned music in a very classic, younger setting, and I was not good at it, even though it was very informative. I just wanted something else. ”

The fall season will end on November 10, but it is likely that shows will be scheduled for next spring. In summer, however, the venue’s founder will focus more on selling organic pizzas and renting rooms.

“The music and the hotel component do not mix well, and it is already very lively in the region at this time of the year. “

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