The Cantoners pay themselves a feast

Magog’s Cantonnieres remain the only undefeated formation after three weeks of activity in the Quebec Midget AAA League. Félix Potvin’s teenagers had an 8-0 feast on Charles-Lemoyne College for their sixth win in a row.
The Magogois stunned the visitors in the first period by taking the lead 2-0 and especially by limiting their rivals to a meager shot on the rookie Rémi Delafontaine who collected his first career brush stroke in the Midget AAA circuit. Meanwhile, the Cantonals took control of the match with 11 shots on goal.

No lull in the middle period. The reigning Levesque champions returned with four more goals on 19 shots. In the throws column, the Cantonniers have largely dominated with a marked advantage of 39-21.

In summary, no less than 14 players have blackened the score sheet. The most productive were Alex-Antoine Yargeau (2-0), first star of the match, Thierry Bernier (1-1), Mathieu Fortin (1-1), Emile Gadoury (1-1), Julien Bourget (0-2 ), Justin Bergeron (0-2), and Zackary Michaud (0-2). Félix Paquet, Mathys Poulin and Mathis Dufour also beat Noah Terrell Larochelle, the goaltender, completely left alone in front of the Riverains’ cage.

To the coach’s taste

The performance of the Cantonniers particularly pleased coach Félix Potvin. Nothing to do with the final score. Potvin was delighted with the effort of his protégés and the fact that they never tried to cheat despite their comfortable lead at the beginning of the last twenty.

“The guys know I was not happy with our game debut since day one of the season. They corrected the situation against the Riverains. With a six-goal lead in the third period, players continued to retreat to take possession of the puck and counterattack quickly. It is often in this kind of situation that players cheat, think of their stats. Players have followed exactly what is expected of them for 60 minutes, “said Potvin.

The latter had spoken at the beginning of the season of the depth of his team. It is confirmed more and more. “Before this game, our four trios totaled between 10 and 13 points each. Certainly it complicates a little the game plan of the opposing coach, “said Potvin.

The Cantoners will remain at home next weekend for two more games.

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