Swap comfort to improve the sick

Nine women are currently enjoying their last ten cozy nights, because on September 7, they will begin a journey of more than a week in the Cordillera Blanca, in Peru, for the benefit of La Maison Aube-Lumière. This confrontation of inhospitable conditions will make possible the comfort of the patients here, since the funds raised will be used especially for the acquisition of specialized beds.
“When I was approached to do the White Cordillera, I immediately thought of my father who died here at La Maison Aube-Lumière in 2010, and who was accompanied by extraordinary staff and volunteers during the six weeks he spent here. They helped us, the whole family, because it’s hard for the patient who is at the end of life, but it’s something for the family too! “Says Marie-Christine Marcoux, Vice President at the National Bank Private Management 1859 and one of nine participants of the challenge.

In recognition of the organization, she participated in various fundraisers, including the sale of poinsettias and participation in a half-marathon, but this time, she intends to push her limits and overcome her “princess side” with eight other women to get more donations.

They will of course enjoy breathtaking scenery and an extraordinary experience, but the challenge ahead is no less arduous: more than a week of hiking in the mountains, at a rate of five at seven hours of walking a day. To top it all, they will have access to no convenience or running water, in addition to being entitled to only ten kilograms of luggage and having to rely solely on a rest in the tent, at an uncomfortable altitude of between 3000 and 4600 meters.

Nicole Dubuc, researcher and director of CIUSSS ‘Center for Research on Aging in Estrie – CHUS, is more familiar with this challenge, as she had participated in a similar fundraiser that made her see Mont Blanc , in France, in 2017.

“Of course it was beautiful, Mont Blanc, it was very beautiful! But there were days that were not always very pleasant … When I was in pain or I did not feel well, I thought about the sick people who have pain and I said to myself “you, you are healthy, Nicole, you can do it. In your case it is temporary, so stop whining and go! ” “, She relates with humor.

Brigitte Roy, Director of Financing and Communications at Maison Aube-Lumière and who will also take part in the challenge, admires the involvement of her teammates: “It’s truly a gift of self! It’s not just about writing a check, but it’s really people who spend a lot of time getting ready for this journey, and I think it’s going to be well worth it! ”

Concrete Benefits

In addition to paying for all of their own travel-related expenses, the participants had to raise $ 3,000 each-a goal that was already far exceeded even before they left, since they are already at over $ 61,000.

They still encourage the population to continue donating by going to www.jedonneenligne.org/aubelumiere/DEFI/ since the Maison Aube-Lumière requires an annual $ 1 million to maintain the quality of its services, which include accommodation and palliative care. Remember that these are offered free of charge to people with advanced cancer phase to offer them a life end in comfort and dignity.

“This year, we have our beds that are due to be changed. These are specialized beds, which need to be articulated and have special functions, because you will understand that the people here are often bedridden [bedridden by disease] and spend long hours lying down. It’s their last home, it’s important that they have good comfort! “Recalls Mrs. Roy.

The importance of this investment was also highlighted by a surprise testimony on Tuesday morning, at the end of the presentation of the project to the media: “The patient I saw just before going down for the press conference had just a discomfort because of his mattress, he always felt a pressure point. These are not drugs that will change that, it’s changing the mattress that is the treatment – and a good mattress, it replaces many drugs! So I thought it was a strange coincidence, because it happened on occasion, but it happened just before the conference, it really made me see the importance of this project and that it makes a difference! Comfort is a real, real issue, “said Chantale Doyon,

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