Stetson as crown for Guylaine Tanguay

What is spectacular about Guylaine Tanguay, besides having already been described as “new queen of the country”, is that still in her forties, she has 40 years of career, having inaugurated her first scene at the age seven years old.
“This title of country queen, I do not attach much importance. It’s a little too serious, that, in the country. Several singers have worn this title, each at its high level. I do not have a crown: I prefer a hat (cowboy) that I want to keep the rest of my life for a long career in the country! She confides.

She is currently touring her show inspired by Elvis Presley, in the wake of her album released in 2018, 3764 Elvis Presley BLVD. The tour resumes this fall after a summer break to make way for the more festival-friendly Acadian Party, which has taken the singer to several cities in Quebec and New Brunswick.

“These are the big songs of the King in the country way. Elvis also took back great Beatles songs or other artists. The show presents all kinds of different things in its universe, that spectators can remember, hum and sing with us! ”

Guylaine Tanguay has already tried a foray into the pop song, with his album On this parchment. “But it suited me less, it involved a different approach to managing my career and the public. Country music is more like a big family, where we know the artists’ lives, where we accept them as they are, where we do not have to transform ourselves and adopt a character other than ourselves. Country has made it easier for me to produce my albums with my husband and children. Pop music is a lot more artificial. ”

Simply country

As of next December, Guylaine Tanguay will take over from Patrick Norman, whose program Pour l’amour du country has just bowed out after 15 seasons.

“Simply country, it’s really my show – because I’m not replacing Patrick at For the sake of country, contrary to what some have said,” she insists. We shot 12 shows last May in Halifax for just over three weeks. They will be broadcast at Ici ArTV from December 5th. ”

“But I’m a finished fan of Patrick Norman. I know him very well, I admire him. I still have all the cassettes and vinyls of his career. He has a very good track record that continues. This is an example for me to imitate. ”

As for her record and her holiday show – no Christmas, an important nuance for her – which is titled The Feasts Begins, they have been adapted as television varieties. The issue was broadcast in 2018 on Illico and will be resumed in November 2019 on TVA. “It’s a gift I want to give to the general public. ”

Inevitable Saint-Tite

On September 8th, Guylaine Tanguay received two nominations for the Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMA), in Calgary, in the categories Female Artist of the Year and Public Choice, which is a vote of popularity.

“I did not win, I did not expect to win, because it’s a world of guys. But just getting these two nominations is really something I take as a bonus, a surplus. I was the only Quebecer! I’m happy, especially for people following my career. It has generated a lot of positive social networks, people are proud of me! ”

Inevitably, Guylaine Tanguay will be at the Saint-Tite Western Festival, starting Wednesday, September 11th. “It’s a different show there. I bring a visit, 2Frères, comedian Julien Tremblay and LCN journalist Denis Lévesque. Nobody knows he’s singing and he’s released a country-folk CD. I like to introduce new artists like him. ”

Guylaine Tanguay will also be part of the festive evening (unfortunately already complete) of the programming launch of Radio-Canada Estrie, to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The event will be held at the Grange Rouge in Saint-Denis-de-Brompton on Tuesday, September 17, from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm Will also be present Brigitte Boisjoli, MC Gilles and the headliners of the venue news from the Sherbrooke station.

You want to go?

3764 Elvis Presley BLVD

Guylaine Tanguay

Friday, September 13, 8 pm

Montignac Hall, Lac-Mégantic

Admission: $ 47 (students: $ 24)

As the holidays begin

Wednesday, November 13, 8 pm

Maurice-O’Bready Room

Admission: $ 45 (students: $ 35)

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