Start on the road for Cantoners

When it comes to excellence in the Quebec Midget AAA League, it’s hard to ignore the Magog Cantoners. For the past four years, with three appearances in the final, two league championships, not to mention the divisional and regular season titles, no other team can boast of showing such a brilliant record. At the national level, the Cantonnieres are even the only team in the country to have reached the Telus Cup podium in the last two years (two silver medals).
It issafe to say that Felix Potvin’s troupe will not be easy this season, when all their opponents will want to prove themselves against them. It’s starting tonight when the Cantoners will visit the Gauls of St-Hyacinthe in one of the five games on the evening’s program, which will kick off the 2019-2020 Levesque circuit season.

Félix Paquet takes the torch

“We were already a target last year after winning everything in 2017-2018. The story will certainly be repeated for the next few months. It can only make us better, but know that it is out of the question to put pressure in thinking long term. We are not there. We will start by going around the teams to find out where we are. The goal remains the development of our players and to be at the top and health at the beginning of the series. My speech is the same since always, “says the mentor Cantos who does not care with the beginning of the difficult season of his family while three of their first four games will be on the road.

“It’s really secondary in my case. Our preparation remains the same. ”


As is the case for the vast majority of teams in the league, veterans will be in the minority at the Cantonniers. They will be six to start a second season in the league, including five who raised the Jimmy-Ferrari Cup last spring. They are defenders Félix Paquet and Justin Bergeron, as well as players before Zackary Michaud, Mathis Poulin and Julien Bourget. The sixth veteran is Mathis Zakorzermy, who donned the Gauls of St-Hyacinthe last season. It will be in known territory tonight while the Cantoners will visit the Maskoutains.

“It’s a good group of veterans. They went to the good school last year. I’m not worried. They just have to avoid believing this easier in their second season and thereby lose their benchmarks. There is no one who will carry the team on his shoulders. It will be the case of 20 players, “insists Potvin.


Félix Potvin allowed himself to make a brief analysis of the new version of the Cantonniers. “Our defensive brigade will be strong. Maybe not guys who will show statistics like Dion and Belliveau last year, but they are effective in all phases of the game. Our attack will be more diverse than in the past. It will be difficult for the opponent to focus on one trio. As for our goalies, I’m more than comfortable with Rémi (Delafontaine) and Mathis (Dorcal-Madore) who will form a very good tandem. I trust both. “

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