SPS dispatched to enforce a mandatory stop

The Sherbrooke police officers had to intervene in the Fleurimont sector to enforce a mandatory stop largely ignored by motorists.
The Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS) was alerted by people from the neighborhood of the intersection of Paul-Gagné and Micheline-Goulet Streets, a residential area.

“Images were posted on Twitter and we were informed. We sent policemen on motorbikes on the spot, “reports Martin Carrier, SPS public relations officer.

“Several reports were distributed to motorists who did not make their mandatory stop. ”

Police were on site Thursday morning too, adds Mr. Carrier.

It should be noted that traffic increased in the area following the closure of Duplessis Road for work. “The traffic is diverted. People want to make up for lost minutes because of the detour, “he says.

“The SPS is in communication with the City of Sherbrooke to know if we could add other signs or perhaps a signaller. ”

We want to enforce the mandatory stop while we are back to school, he says.

In addition, the SPS launches a warning to enforce the signaling of prohibited stops, a problem observed near schools.

This signaling is intended to completely clear the way either because it is reserved for buses and taxis, or to help the flow of traffic or to clear an intersection to increase the visibility of road users, explains t -we.

No time a vehicle can stop at these places, even for a few seconds, whether it’s time to get on or off a passenger or to get a coffee for example. Actuating the emergency flashers does not in any way violate the regulations.

This signage is stricter than parking and has no tolerance or exception. According to the municipal by-law, the fine for stopping a road vehicle where the sign prohibits stopping is $ 33.

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