Speech in 2005 on gay marriage: still no excuses of Scheer

SAINT-JEAN, NB – At a time when his Liberal rival is increasing his acts of contrition in order to be forgiven for the “blackfaces” of his past, the Conservative leader refuses to apologize for a past speech that the LGBTQ community judges offensive.
Forthe second day in a row, Andrew Scheer preferred to get around the question when asked why he still did not apologize for a chamber speech in 2005.

In this speech, held during the debate on the bill authorizing same-sex marriage, Mr. Scheer, then a simple member of Parliament, aged 25, offered a series of arguments. Of these, he stated that asking how many legs would a dog have if one counted his tail like a paw does not make his tail a paw. He then concluded that passing the bill would be like forcing Canadians to call a tail.

On Friday morning, at his first campaign stoppage of the day, Mr. Scheer did not offer an apology. He just said that he had already reacted to this case.

A month ago, the Liberals unearthed the speech video in Mr. Scheer’s Commons to embarrass him. On Friday morning, the Conservative leader said that the topic of the day was Justin Trudeau’s apology.

In addition, Scheer promised to spend $ 1.5 billion on a first Conservative mandate to better equip provincial hospitals with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT) equipment.

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