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It is a flower on the course and a first for a group of traditional Quebec music: January 24, the eight musicians of the show “SOLO” will tread the scene of the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York.
“I grew up in classical music. My father went to Carnegie Hall every year to see concerts, we had at home vinyls recorded in this iconic, larger-than-life room. It’s as if the two musical poles that have inhabited me since childhood come together, at the same time as it’s a damn good recognition. When a broadcaster like this one, who made his reputation by programming the greatest in the classic niche, invites for the first time a group trad to come to perform, it is a sign that a certain stylistic barrier has just fallen. It’s very symbolic, for us, to play there, “says Olivier Demers, violinist and” tappers “within SOLO .

Several shows are planned in the December calendar of the training that brings together the musicians of the groups De Temps Antan and Le Vent du Nord. The New York performance will close this holiday show blitz and possibly be the last of the four-year-old tour.


“We are at a crossroads. The desire to play together is still there, very present, but we will have to see if we start a second ball in the short or medium term with new material. And if so, we will have to decide when and how we do things, “says accordionist and harmonica player Pierre-Luc Dupuis.

This is because SOLO first existed in cinemas. The two groups had met on common scenes in 2008 and 2011. They had seen that the current passed. From there sprouted the idea of ​​pooling their forces for a single trad project that they would make through the rest.

“We continue to lead the projects of each of our two groups, each on our side, but with SOLO , eight on stage, we can afford something else. Extravagance, I would say. It is the strength of the number, one really manages to propose a sound mass which imposes it. Three violins, an accordion, two guitars and a piano on stage, it sounds! And since we are all multi-instrumentalists, we can give several musical tones to the songs, “says Olivier.

After three years of walking SOLO in front of the crowds, the stage partners chose to continue the adventure in the studio last year. They did well. The album, completed in four days, was crowned Felix of the album trad of the year at the last gala of the ADISQ.

“We did things a little the opposite of the usual way, but it served us well because, at the time of recording, we had so much control of the repertoire that everything was done quickly, with naturalness. We managed to burn on disc all the energy that drives us, “say the two musicians.

Family spirit

Over the years, they have played in Quebec, but also in Europe and the United States, sometimes in front of big crowds, but always with the same spirit of gang.

“Because music, first and foremost, is that. A gang story. We can well repeat each of our side, it remains that it is when we are together, with family or friends, that the music makes sense, that things happen. Our show is structured, it has a professional signature, but our strength is really to recreate the spirit of these evenings where we spend good time with our loved ones. Our show is like a big family party. And because we played a lot, we made it evolve over time, we really know where we go when we set foot on the scene, “says Pierre-Luc.

The trad source to which the eight accomplices drink is not about to dry up.

“We are creative with arrangements, we give ourselves a lot of freedom in this respect, but we do not make original material. We start from a repertoire that has traveled through time and deals with timeless subjects such as quest, loss, war, love. That’s it, our anchor. These are songs that are close to the hearts of people, but in which there is also poetry, a lot of humanity, “summarizes Olivier.

You want to go?

Le Vent du Nord and De Temps Antan
Théâtre Granada
Thursday, December 19, 8 pm
Admission: $ 35

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