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The little train of the House of Opera and Concert of Sherbrooke (MOCS) is decidedly far away if we compare to the first steps of 2014. After a careful beginning in half-seasons of three concerts, Pier-Carlo Liva, architect of this series of classic performances announces ten appointments for the sixth year (the most ambitious since the beginning), including three novelties: a master class, Christmas tales for children and a real opera.
“And it will not be an opera concert or a recital of famous tunes: there will be indeed costumes and elements of scenery, even if the accompaniment will be at the piano only. If the answer is good, perhaps we will one day be able to offer an opera with a small orchestra and more singers, in a bigger room “, suggests the artistic director, who got together with a company of Montreal, Opera Immediate , to present Donizetti’s complete Don Pasquale on October 19, with four votes.

As for the master class, scheduled for Saturday 21 September in the afternoon as a prelude to a concert flute, piano, violin and soprano in the evening, it will be given by Swiss flutist Christian Delafontaine. Even if, by definition, a master class is primarily aimed at students, the general public is invited to discover this particular way of teaching music. “There is an educational intention behind this,” says Pier-Carlo Liva.

Finally, the director of the MOCS has found a “fairy stars” in the person of Anny Arsenault to offer, along with a string trio, Christmas musical tales for children, Saturday, December 7.

“Anny is a primary school teacher in Sherbrooke, she studied singing with my partner [soprano Catherine Elvira Chartier] and she is one of our collaborators at MOCS. She has been around the world of childhood for a long time. Only recently did I learn that she also wrote stories. ”

Despite the expansion over the years, the House of Opera and Concert has not failed in its primary mission: to give a scene in the region to the classic artists here. If several Montreal musicians are now among the guests, such as the soprano Marianne Lambert, who will launch his new album on April 19, and the quartet La Muse (March 29), the Estrie remains the pinnacle.

Moreover, again this year, the season begins with Pier-Carlo Liva’s favorites at the last Sherbrooke Music Festival-competition. They are the violinist Jeanne Côté, the pianist Julien Gagné and the flute duo formed by Félicia Lévesque and Emmanuel Rigaud-Larose. See you on Saturday, September 14th.

The musicians from here will also be honored on November 10 (the guitarist Andrew Paul MacDonald), December 15 (great Christmas concert), January 26 (return of the pianist Michel Fournier after several years of absence) and February 22 ( From Messiaen to Ingari).

“In the case of Andrew MacDonald, he volunteered himself,” says the director of the MOCS, laughing.

Almost crafts

“Over time, I realized that the public preferred to know all the programming in advance. Indeed, I realize that the impact is stronger when the season is unveiled in full. And by making a big launch early in the fall (rather than going on sale for each concert), I was able to lighten the logistics, including the posting of posters in the city and surrounding area (I am at almost 200!). ”

It must be said that as a broadcaster “human”, Pier-Carlo Liva can remain attentive to the needs and suggestions of the audience. “When you do development, you stay on top of all the little details. It’s almost craft! You can not simply rely on safe values, by inviting only known or fashionable artists. Of course, we can not please everyone, but after some polls, half of the concerts are now held on Saturday, instead of Sunday afternoon only, as in the beginning. ”

Aside from the children’s Christmas Tale ($ 10 for all), the tickets are on sale at a cost of $ 35 ($ 30 for seniors 65 and over, $ 15 for 25 and under and free for 12 and under). ). Those who subscribe to the ten concerts will get a 10 percent discount. Everything happens, as usual, at Plymouth-Trinity Church in Sherbrooke. All information can be found at It is also possible to purchase tickets directly on the site.

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