Shortage of succession: internships will be paid

COATICOOK – The shortage of succession in the field of landscaping is pushing companies in the region to join hands to pay for the internships of students landscaping CRIFA Coaticook. The latter will receive $ 6,000 during their training.
Neuf landscapers in the area will be offering $ 15 an hour for the 400 hours of internship that students must complete in their businesses, for an amount of $ 6,000.

“The landscaping community desperately needs graduates,” says Marie-Claude David, communications consultant at the Commission scolaire des Hauts-Cantons (CSHC). There is a real shortage of succession that is already being felt. For this reason, many landscapers have been creative in attracting students to this field at CRIFA. ”

As the training lasts for 1053 hours, students will be paid for almost half of their training. The project was attempted for the first time with a group of students last year and the results paid off.

“The formula was a great success for both the students and the employer,” says David. Combined with the shortage of succession, this has prompted landscapers from Magog, Sherbrooke, St-Denis-de-Brompton and Stanstead to embark on the project. ”

Remember that in an attempt to remedy the shortage of manpower that affects the field of automotive mechanics, a pilot pilot training paid 100 percent will see the light of the fall at CRIFA Coaticook. Students will be paid $ 14 an hour, whether they are in class or in a garage in the area, and are guaranteed a job at the end of the training.

This pilot project is worth $ 25,000 at the end of 1800 hours of training over a two-year period.

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