She reportedly burned three homes of her former spouses

A woman who allegedly attacked three of her former spouses by setting fire to their homes or vehicles is now behind bars in Sherbrooke.
Bianca Lavallée was charged on Tuesday with a life-threatening arson and a vehicle fire in front of Érick Vanchestein J. of the Court of Québec.

These events occurred on October 25 on Sherbrooke Cathedral.

The 32-year-old woman allegedly caused two other arson fires on buildings as well as on another vehicle between June 2017 and October 2019 in Sherbrooke.

“The common element between all these events is that the victims are the former spouses of the accused. These are likely targeted crimes, “said Sherbrooke Police Service spokesman Samuel Ducharme.

The fires were reportedly lit on West Galt, South Wellington and Cathedral Streets.

In these last two places, two fires would have been lit.

The most recent fire occurred on October 25 on Cathedral Street. During this event, Bianca Lavallée would have lit the fire in front of the only door to leave the housing of the occupant of the place.

“These fires have caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage,” said the SPS spokesman.

It is the work of investigation where elements were cross-checked which made it possible to proceed, on Tuesday, to the arrest of Bianca Lavallée.

A charge of a theft of less than $ 5,000 at the Albert Hotel was also brought against Bianca Lavallée.

After the appearance, the criminal prosecutor Me Louis Fouquet opposed the release of the accused.

Further charges could be filed as soon as the case is returned to court on Wednesday.

Me Karine Poliquin defends the accused.

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