She abuses two teens

Chicoutimienne Nicole Lavoie may end up in a prison cell in the coming months, after pleading guilty to five counts of a sexual nature against two teenagers, between 1999 and 2005.
The 51-year-old woman pleaded on Monday before Justice Michel Boudreault of the Court of Quebec.

She admitted to having touched a body part of a teenager and a boy under the age of 16, to have them touch her, to have her in a position of authority or trust, to produce child pornography and assault on a police officer during his arrest.

Mélanie Paré, from the Office of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP), and Mr. Nicolas Gagnon, from Legal Aid, will unveil the evidence obtained in this case and present the pleadings on Friday, at the Court House. Chicoutimi.

The criminal lawyer intends to apply for a sentence of detention in society, while the representative of the Crown has already argued that she will apply for a sentence of penitentiary, more than two years.

It should be noted that there was no minimum sentence for events that occurred before November 1, 2005 – the charges ended on October 31, 2005.

If Lavoie has been accused, it is partly due to chance. It is a third person who has discovered a box filled with photo CDs. Believing it was pictures of his relatives, he began to watch them.

“This is where this person discovered the explicit images on CDs. The accused was seen there, as were the victims. The CDs were given to the Sûreté du Québec, who investigated this story, “said Paré.

Throughout the summary of the facts, the accused looked away, regularly peeking out of the courtroom.

Without antecedent

The woman without judicial antecedent had therefore never been the subject of complaints from the two victims, until the discovery of the compromising photos.

The victims of this sordid story do not intend to appear in court to testify.

The teenager of the time should write a statement of victim, while the young man, meanwhile, never wanted to file a complaint, because he does not want to relive this case.

“But the photographs found are proof that there have been two victims. We did not need the testimony of the second victim to move forward, “says the Crown.

“You have to understand that it’s really not easy for victims to go back into this story. They have made a new life and one of the victims had never even spoken to the person who shares his life now, “Paré said.

At the conclusion of the pleadings on sentence, it is very likely that the court will request the preparation of a pre-sentence report in order to better know the accused and to see if her past actions can be repeated.

The judge will also evaluate the possibility of asking for the making of a sexological assessment related to this whole affair.

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