Session report: “Fasten your belts, we will continue!” Says Legault

Not only will the Quebec government continue in the same direction in 2020, but François Legault plans to press the accelerator. “Fasten your belts, we will continue!”, The Prime Minister said Friday, during his session summary.
To those who believe that the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) is overly impatient in its actions. Like the opposition parties, who demand more consultation.

Criticism that the government House leader and Super Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette is partly on his back, knowing full well that his failed reform of the Quebec Immigration Experience Program (PEQ) was the major misstep of the government this fall.

“I learned the importance of consulting well!” Answered Mr. Jolin-Barrette, with a smile, questioned about what 2019 taught him.

Mr. Jolin-Barrette and Deputy Prime Minister Geneviève Guilbault accompanied their boss in the chic lobby of the Honoré-Mercier Building, which houses the Prime Minister’s office.

To close the first full calendar year in power, Mr. Legault repeated his desire to “respect all our promises”. So to know the rest of the program, go back to the 2018 election platform.

Easier than expected

“I was expecting the first year to be more difficult,” said Legault. “I said to myself: I have never been prime minister; apart from Marguerite Blais, I have no minister who has ever been a minister; we recruited our employees a little in the PQ, a little bit in the Liberal Party, a few people who had never done politics.

“So, I was afraid the first year. I thought it would take us a year of adjustment. But here, it’s going so well that I think that perhaps the most difficult is over! We will be better than the first year! ”

The word “efficiency” came back in the Prime Minister’s response, who said even his mother is effective.

Another indication of the government’s willingness to follow the avenue taken for 14 months, and accelerated if possible, came from Deputy Prime Minister Geneviève Guilbault. Who will have no choice but to stop in the coming weeks to give birth to his second child.

“We have all been faced with the fact that, unfortunately, the way the system is done, we can not always go as fast as we would like. Even if the intentions are there and shared by a majority of Quebecers, “said Ms. Guilbault.

“It’s an apprenticeship that we all share in having to resort to this parliamentary and governmental patience to be able to intelligently deliver what Quebeckers expect. But with experience moving forward and the mandate moving forward, we’re just going to be better and better at delivering what we have to deliver, “she promises.

The Jean-Talon newsletter

On the immigration reform, the leader persists. “You do not make an omelette without breaking eggs. When we make big changes like that, it can happen that we need to make adjustments. But the last thing we have to do is protect the status quo and do nothing, “says Legault.

“It can happen that sometimes we go a little fast and we correct when we do not quite go where we wanted to go. Quebeckers appreciate this way of doing things and are proud of their government. Our goal is to continue in this direction and to do even more in 2020, “continues the PM, on the general direction for the next year.

The Prime Minister believes he obtained his ballot in the recent by-election in Jean-Talon, Quebec, where the CAQ won hands down with 43% of the vote. Joëlle Boutin has become the 76th member Caquiste on 125.

The fall session, which lasted 11 weeks, resulted in the tabling of 19 bills and the adoption of 14 with Saturday’s bill. In comparison, in 15 weeks of parliamentary activity last spring, the CAQ tabled 30 projects and had 15 passed.

Parliamentary proceedings for 2019 conclude Saturday with a third bill passed under the gag in six months, this time the one on the rates of Hydro-Quebec. Prime Minister Legault will then head to California, where he will be on mission for a few days.

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