Scheer pledges not to cut financial aid promised to media

If he comes to power, Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer pledges not to cut off the $ 595 million over five years promised to the media in the last federal budget.
Inan exclusive interview with La Tribune during his visit to Sherbrooke on Thursday, the Conservative leader explained that a Conservative government would create a régie to allocate the amounts to creators of journalistic content according to criteria determined by this independent entity.

“We are not going to pull the rug out of this advertised amount, but we will change the system to allocate the money. We want to ensure the independence of the media by ensuring that the government can not interfere and that Canadians know there is no possibility of interference (…) I have concerns with the plan liberal. It was the government that had the power to decide who would pay the money. We want to create a governance that works without the intervention of the government, “says Andrew Scheer.

The latter explains that this control will impose a GAFA revenue sharing (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple).

“We will impose a revenue sharing with journalists (…) We know the impact of the crisis that the media are going through. My dad worked for the Ottawa Citizen newspaper. I believe in the media. They play a very important role in our democracy, “says Scheer.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada has completed his ninth election day in the heart of Sherbrooke.

With the decor of Lake of Nations and Mount Orford, Andrew Scheer arrived on the terrace of the Grand Times Hotel by the Passerelle des Draveurs with his wife Jill and the candidate of the riding of Sherbrooke, Dany Sévigny.

Quebec lieutenant and Richmond-Arthabaska candidate Alain Rayes and regional Conservative candidates Jessy McNeil in Compton-Stanstead, Bruno Côté in Brome-Missisquoi and Nathalie Clermont in Shefford welcomed the Conservative leader.

“Our plan is simple, more for you now. Our ideas will make life more affordable for Canadians. We will eliminate the GST on Hydro bills, we will lower personal taxes. We are the only party with a plan on the environment. We will put an end to sewage spills in our rivers, “said Andrew Scheer to the activists who were waiting for him in Sherbrooke.

In an interview with La Tribune, the Conservative leader pledged to settle the situation at Sherbrooke Airport.

“I am well aware of this issue. I am open to proposals from local governments. It is essential to find a solution. It is an engine of economic growth. We are looking for this type of idea and, with a little investment from the federal government, we can have more economic growth that will benefit all the people of the region, “says Andrew Scheer, without formally committing to fund airport security.

The Conservative leader ensures that if he becomes Prime Minister of Canada, his government will invest in projects to ensure rail safety.

“It’s an important issue. I must also say that it is better for oil to flow through pipelines than through railways. This is another aspect that we will be working on, “says Andrew Scheer.

Regarding the labor shortage, a Conservative government is willing to work with the Quebec government to simplify the immigration process based on the needs of each region.

“During our tour of Quebec, we heard that it is an issue that can hinder economic growth because companies can not find workers,” said Andrew Scheer.

During his speech to his activists, he invited Quebeckers to vote Conservative.

He took up the main themes of his campaign by saying that the Conservative Party will “put money in the pockets” of Canadians.

Andrew Scheer reiterated his commitments to reduce maternity leave tax, lower taxes for all taxpayers, restore tax credits for children’s activities, and implement a tax return unique in Quebec.

“There is only one party in this election that can offer you tax cuts, balance the budget and treat Quebec as a partner to achieve concrete results. We will respect Quebec and its fields of jurisdiction. Instead of confronting, we will collaborate. If Quebec sends to Ottawa fifteen, twenty, twenty-five Bloc members, it is Justin Trudeau who will remain Prime Minister (…) I need the Quebec nation to win the elections on October 21 “, raised Andrew Scheer.

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