Saad Amine Habboub will spend another two years in prison

Guilty of attempted murder when he was slowed down in his drive to stab a woman in November 2017 in Sherbrooke, Saad Amine Habboub will spend another two years in prison.
“The charge is one of the most serious in the Criminal Code,” said Judge Claire Desgens of the Court of Quebec, Monday, by imposing the sentence at the courthouse in Sherbrooke.

The 30-year-old was sentenced to a total sentence of 57 months in prison. Pre-trial detention has been removed from the sentence, which means that he will still be sent to a federal prison.

In March, Habboub was convicted of all charges for the November 15, 2017, acts behind a building on Kitchener Street in Sherbrooke, including attempted knife-slaying, dangerous driving, threats, lane in fact armed using a car and carrying a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

Habboub was holding a knife with the gun pointed up, aggressively addressing the victim, blaming her for ruining her life.

A patrol officer from the Sherbrooke Police Service arrived on the scene by chance. The evidence reveals that the intervention of four police officers was necessary for the accused to surrender, when he was put in play with an electrical impulse device.

The sentence imposed also takes into account the cases of domestic violence that Saad Amine Habboub recognized between March 2013 and November 2017.

During this period, the accused notably admitted to having beaten his wife while she was pregnant, having planted a knife in her finger and made threats to her.

“Your violence was part of a continuum (…) You must learn to work on your problem of using violence to resolve your conflicts with those around you,” says Judge Desgens. “The trauma of the victims is obvious. The letters of the two female victims are eloquent. ”

Habboub committed the crime while under conditions of release.

Risk of recurrence

“The risk of recurrence appears present, existing, given your late awareness. You have a certain danger to the victims, “said Judge Desgens.

When commenting on the sentence, Habboub presented a letter of apology to the victim that he filed in court.

“Your version has evolved not to say changed over the months. These differences were highlighted in the sentencing observations. The contradictions reveal a minimization of what happened with the victims, “said Judge Desgens.

As aggravating factors, the judge considered the seriousness of the crimes committed, the context of domestic violence, the psychological consequences of the victims, the fact that he minimizes the crimes, that he does not admit his intention to kill, that he calls his crimes a misunderstanding, that he considers himself a victim and his resentment and resentment towards the victim.

The judge noted as mitigating factors the regrets expressed, even if they are mixed, and without showing great empathy, his mental health problem, the fact that he did not receive help in detention, that he accepts a follow-up, that he wants to work, to finish his schooling, that he has plans and that he wants to leave Sherbrooke when he leaves prison.

A three-year probation was imposed on Habboub. He will not be able to communicate with the victims and not to set foot in Sherbrooke.

Habboub left the courtroom grumbling after receiving his sentence.

It is Me Émilie Baril-Côté who represented the public prosecutor, while Me Ramy El Turaby defended the accused.

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