Route 112: Bonnardel wants to lower speed

Quebec Transport Minister François Bonnardel wants speed to be lowered in the area of ​​Highway 112, which was the scene of a recent fatal accident.
TheMinister responsible for the Estrie region in the Legault government visited the site on Monday morning.

“We must lower the speed I think from 90 to 70 km / hour,” he said during his visit to Sherbrooke Monday morning.

“I do not know if it will be done in the next few days, but I have mandated the Department of Transport team. We must give answers quickly to those who use this route. ”

It was learned last week that the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ) was considering reducing the speed limit to 70 km / h between Ascot Corner and East Angus following the accident that claimed the lives of two young men on September 2nd.

Representatives from the MTQ met with the Municipality of Ascot Corner on Wednesday to discuss solutions to secure the intersection of Route 112 and Paul Road, where many accidents have occurred in recent years.

Let’s remember that Mayor Nathalie Bresse advocates the installation of a roundabout. Mr Bonnardel is awaiting answers from a broader study on how to secure the sector.

“I understand the industry well. There is a kilometer where we should lower the speed, “he says.

“Steps will be taken in the coming weeks to reassure users. We must reassure the users. ”

At the MTQ in Estrie, we are assured that the process is underway. We must precede analyzes. A certain delay is to be expected, but the project is under study, says Dominique Gosselin, communications consultant.

In the longer term, the more comprehensive study of the section will be unveiled in 2020, adds Ms. Gosselin.

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