Route 112 at Ascot Corner: “All Options Studied,” says the MTQ

Neither the traffic light installation nor the left turn lane is warranted at the intersection of Paul Road and Route 112 at Ascot Corner.
Au place to specifically address this intersection is a comprehensive study on the extending portion of the village of Ascot Corner to the intersection of Route 214 in East Angus that the Ministry of Transport of Quebec lead .

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“All options will be studied. It is the direction of the department’s road design expertise that will lead this study, “said MTQ spokeswoman Estrie Dominique Gosselin.

A meeting was planned with Ascot Corner officials on September 11, well before the fatal accident that killed two young men in their twenties earlier this week.

Another fatal accident cost the lives of two men in 2017 in the Paul Road area.

On the 2.7-kilometer section to be analyzed, 51 road accidents occurred, 20 of which involved major property damage.

Between 2013 and 2018, three fatal accidents occurred on Highway 112 between Highway 610 in Sherbrooke and Route 214 in East Angus.

2014 STUDY

In a safety study conducted in 2014, at the request of the municipality, the Quebec Ministry of Transport concluded that the intersection of Highway 112 and Paul Road did not pose a high risk of an accident.

In 2016, however, the MTQ installed flashing lights at the intersection of Paul Road to make it more visible.

Following the tabling of a petition in the National Assembly by Caquiste de Mégantic MP François Jacques in February 2019, the MTQ carried out a complementary analysis last summer.

The option of a left-turn or avoidance lane was rejected because it “could be used as a passing lane, which would increase the risk of collisions for users”.

According to the study, the risk was increased especially for those coming from Paul Road attempting to enter Route 112.

The traffic light option was also rejected because the traffic flow does not warrant it. The daily flow from Paul Road is 440 vehicles per day, while it is 14,500 vehicles per day on Highway 112.

The increased risk of rear-end collisions and the deterioration of traffic fluidity had been raised.

The addition of a stop line on Paul Road has recently been recommended to the municipality.

The granular portion of the right shoulder towards Sherbrooke had been paved to facilitate the avoidance or bypass of a car making a left-turn maneuver on Paul Road.

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