Relocation of the marshalling yard: relief in Lac-Megantic

The Mayor of Lac-Mégantic, Julie Morin, is pleased with the move of the yard of Nantes, and the one of Vachon with Frontenac, towards the industrial park of Lac-Mégantic, announced Wednesday by the federal Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau.
“We reap the benefits of mobilization. Everyone agrees, the Coalition for Railway Safety in Lac-Mégantic, the three municipalities of Nantes, Frontenac and Lac-Mégantic, as well as the Société de développement économique du Granit (GEDC), businesses, the media … “, she listed. “It’s not how, nor when, for me, it’s the result that counts. In this project, what is important is to minimize the risks to the security of the population. They waited until the study was made to find out if there was enough space in the industrial park, as well as the negotiations with the Quebec government. The officials are already working on it. This will definitely raise the social acceptability of the project. ”

In addition, the Mayor notes that this measure will increase the potential for economic development.

“The phone is already ringing. Companies call, they want to be located near the yard to take advantage of the proximity of the rail service. This can bring other businesses into our industrial park. Because we are close to the Maine side, in the United States. There are few industrial parks served by the train. It is an economic advantage. And a very positive outcome to improve safety for the population, given the problematic terrain of Lac-Mégantic, “concluded Ms. Morin.

“Logical Solution”

Mégantic-L’Érable MP, Luc Berthold, welcomes the decision of the federal and provincial governments to move the Nantes and Frontenac rail operations. “This is the logical solution for an unacceptable situation. Congratulations to the stakeholders of Lac-Mégantic, Nantes and Frontenac for their tenacity on this issue, he said. We must now accelerate the bypass project and make every effort to ensure that the tracks are safe at all times! ”

The member is asking Transport Canada “to do everything possible to ensure the safety of citizens until the bypass is in service and to ensure that identified vulnerabilities are corrected immediately.” ”

The Lac-Mégantic Coalition of Committed Citizens and Organizations for Railway Safety accuses Minister Marc Garneau of inflicting too much suffering on the Lac-Mégantic population.

Happy with this announcement for the local population, she breathes a sigh of relief but asks “why have you waited so long? The joy felt by the people of Lac-Mégantic today following this announcement is clouded by the electoral character you give them. ”

It must be said that the population had been asking for this announcement for six years. “It took two minor derailments last August 24, in Nantes, including that of a convoy carrying hazardous materials, to convey to Minister Garneau that the danger of disaster is still very real in Lac-Mégantic, as everywhere in the world. Estrie? Why is the minister not applying the precautionary principle? The 253 repairs on the rails of the CMQR of Lac-Mégantic in Farnham are not completed nor all reliable. He knows it since May 2019. “

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