Récup Estrie buys $ 2.7 million optical sorting machine for paper

Récup Estrie has acquired a new optical sorting device that promises to mitigate the problem of paper recovery.
The unit has just been purchased for $ 2,739,000. The machinery will be installed in the coming weeks and will increase the amount of paper sold and the profits of Estrie Estrie, ensures the president of the Board of Estrie recovery, the councilor Pierre Avard.

Récup Estrie recently launched a call for tenders in order to acquire optical sorting equipment that will allow the removal of the plastic found in the lots of paper. This new process will improve the quality of paper, which can be sold more easily.

“Récup Estrie is innovating thanks to this new process. It’s a huge step forward, both for the environment and for our organization, “he said in a press release.

“We will stop losing money by selling our paper in India and we will work with local companies who want a quality product to revitalize it. That’s excellent news! ”

Big difference

This new acquisition will make a big difference for the organization, he continues. Indeed, thanks to the device, the paper, which is sold to India at a loss, can be sold to Quebec paper mills, such as Cascade or Kruger.

For a long time, paper has been a big hassle for Récup Estrie. In order to sell the paper to companies that will revitalize it, it must not be contaminated by plastic. “For example, the famous circular bags that are often found in the green bin are problematic because the paper is not separated from the plastic,” says Avard.

“This problem causes significant loss of income for the organization. More than $ 307,522 cost Recovery Estrie’s paperwork to dispose of paper that can not be sold in the past nine months. ”

The Estrie Recycling Authority, a municipal group in the Eastern Townships, is responsible each year for the sorting of 31,000 tonnes of recyclable materials produced by more than 200,000 people, with a view to their development.

“Recyclable materials passing through the organization’s sorting center have a second life. Thanks to the acquisition of a new optical sorting device, Récup Estrie will be able to go even further, he says. Our new acquisition is a concrete expression of our mission to evolve in a greener society. The organization I chair is on the path to innovation and is constantly looking to renew itself. “

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