Raymond Bernier launches as an independent in federal elections

After being turned down by the Liberal Party of Canada, former MPP Raymond Bernier becomes an independent federal candidate.
On Wednesday, Mr. Bernier will announce his candidacy in the riding of Beauport-Côte-de-Beaupré-Île d’Orléans-Charlevoix, for the October 21 federal election. This county has been represented since 2015 by the Conservative Party and Sylvie Boucher.

“I will announce my decision in a statement Wednesday. But if we publish a press release, it should be positive, “confirmed Bernier in the Sun on Tuesday morning.

The 66-year-old is still in the throes of the rebuff imposed by the national authorities of the Liberal Party of Canada (PLC). Who rejected his candidacy even though he had the consent of the Liberal association of the constituency and was alone in the running to seek the nomination.

The LPC has not yet announced who will represent it in this vast riding covering more than 11,000 km2.

“They did not retain me as a candidate. It’s the decision of a hidden committee, as I call it, whose membership we do not know. I tried to know the reasons for the refusal without ever getting an answer, “says Bernier, referring to the Green Light Committee, which manages federal Liberal candidatures across the country.

“I was 12 times a candidate for elections! What does not do? My age? I was a deputy, chief of staff, municipal councilor. You can not have more political experience than that. And I have never had anything negative about the code of ethics of the National Assembly, “he says.

A municipal councilor from Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures from 1989 to 1997, the Quebec native then embarked on Quebec politics. He was elected three times in the provincial riding of Montmorency under the Liberal banner, in 2003, in 2008 and in 2014. Member position he has held for a total of 12 years on three non-consecutive terms. He also ran for the Quebec Liberals in La Peltrie in 1994, giving six provincial elections to his resume.

“Be serious!”

“I arrived in February and started picking up members. Then in April, we asked for an investiture, without it being done. In July, they arrive with a candidate kit, which is 50 pages of safety questions and financial statements. And finally, on August 22, I received a negative answer. Without any explanation!

“Be serious! It’s completely ridiculous and undemocratic as a way to go, “he insists.

Mr. Bernier says he does not want to go back. He has chosen to run as a non-party candidate and will not change his mind.

“To stand as an independent candidate is a new concept in the Quebec City region. Another vision of politics. What I have to offer is my experience. If that’s good, all the better. I have already started going door-to-door and no one talks to me about the Liberal Party or the Prime Minister, “says Mr. Bernier, with a hint of the current government.

In 2015, Liberal Jean-Roger Vigneau won 26.9% of the vote in the riding, compared to 33.5% for Conservative-elect Sylvie Boucher.

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