Project of 250 houses in Omerville

PRIMEUR / Hundreds of new homes will be built in Omerville once the City of Magog increases its wastewater treatment capacity for this area. Management Poirier alone would like to complete a real estate project of more than 250 housing units.
Dirigée by the businessman Raynald Poirier, Poirier Management owns a plot of almost 30 hectares in Omerville area, near the streets Lizotte and Saint-Jacques.

For more than 20 years, Mr. Poirier dreams of realizing the real estate development project that he has imagined. The low treatment capacity of the Omerville wastewater plant has so far prevented the City of Magog from giving it the green light. Any extension of the sewer system is currently prohibited in the sector concerned.

“I can not wait for it to move in our file. I’ve been waiting for years after that. I would like the city to move forward and I believe that my project would allow this because it would be directed in part to families with small children. And who are the ones who bring energy into an environment usually, it’s the young, “says the businessman.

Raynald Poirier reveals to discuss with the City of Magog since several months already. He says he feels interest in his project. But he also knows that no approval can be given until the wastewater management file at Omerville has been settled.

The City plans to install a pipe to direct Omerville’s wastewater to its main processing plant, located on Hatley Street. The project would cost between $ 20 million and $ 30 million.

“It is true that this project of the City is not yet official, but it is for years that there are problems with the plant of purification of Omerville. So I expect this file to end up in a not too distant future because the environment takes a lot of space today, “says the businessman.

Varied sizes

If his project materializes, Gestion Poirier would like to make available 130 lots with an area of ​​510 square meters and less. And more than 60 others that would extend over more than 600 square meters.

Relatively small and large houses as well as multi-family buildings would be erected as part of this project, which could be completed soon after a green light from the municipality.

“We would like to have smaller, more affordable homes for families with very young children or seniors looking for a smaller home. At this time, it would not be allowed to make land as small as we would like, but we think it would be a good idea to propose some for the population. In Sherbrooke, it exists in certain places, “says Mr. Poirier.

The contractor suggests that the number of available plots for the construction of affordable homes throughout the city of Magog is not huge. The prevailing situation in this respect makes, in his opinion, his project even more interesting.

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