Primary Schools: Roberge Restores All Snacks

Education Minister Jean-Fran├žois Roberge has put an end to the suspense of Quebec’s elementary schools who risked being deprived of snacks in the day care service because of a new calculation grid.
Theyare insured for this year.

On Friday, Gazettetold you that seven schools in the region feared losing the food aid they were receiving, that disadvantaged children might have to be deprived of snack because their neighborhood is no longer “poor” enough, even if they are still so much.

The government corrected the situation on the same day, advising the school boards by letter that the funding would be maintained and that a reflection should take place during the school year to “ensure the best consideration of needs” .

Let’s hope that the discussion will also focus on disadvantaged children attending schools where a larger proportion of students come from a wealthy family. It should not be forgotten that the bank account balance is not always an indicator of the quality of the students’ lunchbox, low-income parents are able to feed their children properly, while other parents, who do not have to deprive themselves, do not do it.

In an ideal world, everyone would do it.

The minister’s decision announced on Friday ensures that approximately 2,000 children in the area will have snacks when they are in day care at the end of the day. In May, he had also reintroduced funding for classroom snacks, which had been cut for the same reason as those in day care. In the letter sent Friday, the deputy minister of education, Eric Blackburn, says that “this one-time assistance is to ensure that no student who was receiving food aid last year is deprived of it. year because of the updating of the indices “.

It remains to be seen now the fruit of reflection for next year …

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