Phase 1 of the work has been completed in Val-du-lac

The first of four phases of work at Val-du-Lac is complete. The Rehabilitation and Accommodation Center of the Directorate of Youth Protection (DPJ) has to undergo a youth treatment. Objective: that young people can live in more peaceful and welcoming conditions. The four phases of the $ 5 million project are expected to be completed early in 2021.
Some young people will live only a few weeks or months in Val-du-lac, the rehabilitation center and accommodation for young CIUSSS Estrie-CHUS. Others will arrive as early as six years old and will not leave the place until they reach adulthood, making it more important to make the lodges welcoming and enjoyable while being safe.

Remember also that the rehabilitation center was built in the 1960s. There have been different phases of renovations over the years, but the most important stages were slowed down since 2014 because there was no place where to relocate youth during the various phases of work. The youth center is divided into several pavilions that house young people according to their age and gender.

In the first sentence, we renovated the Deslauriers pavilion, the first one that has just been upgraded. The pavilion now welcomes teens from the Transit unit.

” Finally! The pavilions become the home of young people who live in Val-du-lac. We wanted to be able to personalize the places, make them warm and safe, so that young people feel good when they are in Val-du-Lac, “says Diane Patenaude, coordinator of rehabilitation and housing at the director of the youth program at the CIUSSS Estrie-CHUS.

A stable and soothing environment is what Josiane found (see other text on page 5) during the five years she lived in Val-du-Lac.

Next step

With the first pavilion now being renovated, the CIUSSS is moving to the next stage. Next week, teenagers will move to free their lodge, which will be renovated throughout the winter.

In early spring, when this pavilion will be finally renovated, it is the two “small” units (children from 6 to 12 years old) who will move there while their lodge will be renovated during the summer months.

“The goal is to relocate the little ones once and do it during the summer, when it may be a less anxiety-provoking period, to keep them as stable as possible. Adequate support strategies are in place to help children cope with these changes, “says Patenaude.

In the end, in early 2021, three out of nine pavilions will have been renovated.

In 2017, a plan was submitted to the Board of Directors of the CIUSSS of Estrie-CHUS for the construction of a new building in Val-du-Lac and the renovation of all the pavilions, a $ 15 million plan. whose funding was not yet secured.

“There is no question of a new building. For the moment, we are moving forward with these first four phases, and we will see for the future. Certainly we would like to be able to do work in all the pavilions, “says Patenaude.

The youth shelter has 99 beds in its license, but it is regularly in overflow situation. It’s been more than a year since Val-du-Lac has been constantly overflowing by at least six young people.

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