Personal data: “We got silly!” Fumbles Marwah Rizqy

The opposition parties denounced in unison Tuesday the Legault government, which still refuses to hold an enlarged parliamentary committee on personal data theft.
Fulminant coming out of a working meeting, Liberal MP Marwah Rizqy launched they had been “fooling around” by caquistes, who ultimately voted against an order of initiative not only to hear the Mouvement Desjardins, but also public institutions.

The opposition proposed that a dozen experts and groups be heard, including the senior director of computing at the Treasury Board and Revenue Quebec, which was also leaked information this summer.

On August 7, the President and CEO of Revenu Québec, Carl Gauthier, informed his employees that a staff member had transferred some 23,000 personal information related to the government agency out of the workplace.

The information consists of employees, former employees and employees of businesses that have dealt with Revenu Québec. This is – in almost all cases – the name and social insurance number of the people affected. In a very small number of cases are added the date of birth or the salary.

For its part, Desjardins Group has been in turmoil since it announced on June 20 that a malicious employee had stolen the personal information of 2.9 million individual and corporate members.

Names, birthdates, social insurance numbers, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails – information that fraudsters value – as well as information about transactional habits and products held were part of the stolen data.

Sabotaged mandate?

Prime Minister François Legault claims that the mandate is strictly about events at Desjardins, as the Parti Québécois first suggested in early July.

Last week, he publicly opposed a broader mandate, even though the Public Finance Commission (PSC) is independent and must not receive instructions from the Prime Minister.

Mr. Legault recalled that his government will eventually introduce a bill on the protection of personal data, stating: “We do not want to have parliamentary committees that will manage instead of the government.”

On Tuesday, at the end of the PSC meeting, Cassian MP Youri Chassin said he suspected the Liberals of wanting to call up Revenu Québec to “play politics” and “try to grill the government a bit”.

“It was really fooling, countered M me Rizqy. We took an hour to go round in circles, while, clearly, Yuri Chassin had the mandate to make sure to sabotage this mandate. […] We have a prime minister who does not believe in the work of parliamentarians. ”

For the Quebec Solidaire deputy Vincent Marissal, Mr. Chassin is “in Crusade” to prevent public institutions from testifying. “We want to dig, and all we are offered is a plastic spoon. We will not dig with that, we will not go anywhere with that. ”

For his part, the PQ’s Martin Ouellet said he was “extremely disappointed” by “the stubbornness of the government”. “We do not want to shed light in our own backyard for fear of raising rabbits to realize that indeed, there are problems that would be exposed,” he lamented.

The opposition parties promise not to “let go” and come back to discuss a possible parliamentary committee.

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