Patient advocate Me Jean-Pierre Menard honored by Quebec

The lawyer known as the advocate for patients’ rights, Jean-Pierre Ménard, has just received the Justice Canada 2018 Award.
Thi is the Minister of Justice Sonia LeBel who was awarded this honor Monday at a ceremony held at the Parliament Building in Quebec City.

M me LeBel noted that M e Ménard received the award for “his commitment to defending the rights of users of the health system and the protection of vulnerable people, and his actions have promoted knowledge, promotion and respect citizens’ rights in health matters “.

M e Menard led many battles for its customers. Recently, he represented Jean Truchon and Nicole Gladu who wanted medical assistance in dying. He was able to invalidate federal and provincial criteria for medical assistance in dying, thereby increasing accessibility. He also represented the victims of Legionnaires’ disease in Quebec, as part of a class action, as well as many prosecutions for medical errors. In the 1980s, he participated in the Commission of Inquiry on the Administration and Operation of Rivière-des-Prairies Psychiatric Hospital.

M e Menard began his career in 1981, when few lawyers exercising the right to health.

Most of his work and social commitment is dedicated to protecting vulnerable people, including psychiatric patients, the elderly and people with intellectual disabilities, often pro bono , the statement said in the statement. from the Minister of Justice.

Most recently, he had piloted Ms. Gladu’s and Mr. Truchon’s file without charging fees.

The Prix de la justice du Québec recognizes the remarkable contribution of a person who promotes greater access to justice for all or contributes to advancing the Quebec justice system for the benefit of society.

“M e Menard dedicated for nearly 40 years, to recognize and extend the rights of victims of the health system. His contribution to Quebec society is exceptional; by his actions, he has contributed to a more accessible justice, quality and universal values represented by the price of justice of Quebec, “said M me LeBel by statement.

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