Passion for Sonia Montminy’s involvement

If there is one thing that we can not absolutely blame Sonia Montminy, it is to have too few fields of interest. Her presence over the years to countless committees with equally varied missions testifies to her incessant desire to get involved, which she acquired from an early age.
C ‘is at school that Sonia Montminy, co-owner with her husband of the company specializing in the manufacture of industrial heat exchangers Caron and son in Coaticook, began to be actively involved in all that is offered she.

“I wanted to do everything when I was in high school. I registered in all the shows, in the improvisation team and in the theater troupe, she confides. I was so busy that I never came home until 7pm. ”

Ms. Montminy studied at the C├ęgep de Sherbrooke in civil engineering at a time when the field was dominated by men. His cohort had only three students. She then went to work in James Bay for four years before returning to the region to oversee the administration of Caron and son, following the retirement of her mother-in-law.

“Although I loved my James Bay experience, I was happy to be back in my corner with my spouse and family full time,” she says. The challenge of taking over the family business founded by my spouse’s grandfather was very interesting. In addition, it allowed me to get involved in several committees in the region. ”

Back to Coaticook with skills in a multitude of areas, she then fully engaged in the involvement. She first joined the residual materials committee of the Coaticook RCM in 2005, before assuming the presidency of the Chamber of Commerce and Innovation of the Coaticook region from 2007 to 2009. At that time, She has served as a municipal councilor and has also been a member of the Summits Forestry and Farm Management Board and the Louise and Neil Tillotson Fund Local Committee.

“I really have a passion for involvement in myself,” she admits. It turns me on and it’s part of my routine. I like talking to people, making a difference and explaining my thoughts. I think I can bring good ideas, but I do not have the infused science either. I am not limited in my positions, I like to hear the ideas of others and work to identify the most effective solutions. ”

In addition to loving to put her knowledge to good use, Sonia Montminy holds very high regard for volunteering. According to her, who accumulates the hours without counting them, this form of implication is most beneficial.

“I sincerely believe that with volunteering, you harvest more than what you give,” she reasoned. The fact of being enriched by extraordinary people is priceless, you never know what pearl you will fall. Volunteering should be part of school training and promoted to become fashionable. This would be particularly good for young people, in this era of social networks and the dwindling of human contacts. ”

A new challenge is now waiting for Sonia Montminy and her spouse Jean-Yves Caron, to begin the process of transferring the company to one of their daughters, Sabrina, and their nephew Vincent Caron.

“We are extremely happy to have found a new generation directly in the family,” she says. They are both highly qualified in their respective fields to administer the business and ensure its sustainability. They have all our confidence. It’s not an overnight process, we’re looking at a period of about five years, but we’re happy to be able to get it going. ”

In addition, the couple has agreed to be honorary presidents of the Rase-coco challenge of the CSSS Foundation of the MRC-de-Coaticook, which will take place on September 27th.

“We immediately agreed, because we know how lucky we are to have such a good hospital here in Coaticook. Anyway, hair, it pushes back to what I know! It is hoped that the event will raise as much money as possible for our health institution. ”


Mother of three girls
Loves hunting
Councilor from 2009 to 2013
Participate in the Shaved Head Challenge for the CSSS Foundation of the MRC-de-Coaticook on September 27th.

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