Opening under a new direction for Gros Luxe

The L’Gros Luxe restaurant in downtown Sherbrooke will reopen in a new direction.
This is what Felix-Antoine Thibault confirmed to The Tribune the new manager of the establishment closed its doors in July.

“I’m going to be a franchisee of the Gros Luxe chain. I bought the restaurant equipment, “he says.

50 seats instead of 120

“We will have about 50 seats on the ground floor instead of 120 seats as before. I rent the premises. We do not occupy the basement. ”

Mr. Thibault was one of the directors of the former operation who declared bankruptcy. “It’s behind me,” he said. I do not interfere with this issue. I want to relaunch this restaurant. ”

“I have been in the restaurant business since I was 13 years old. I started as a dishwasher and I went up the ladder. ”

The official opening is scheduled for Friday of next week. Mr. Thibault promises a promotion to restart the activities of Wellington Street South.

Félix-Antoine Thibault has joined a group of investors in the field of restoration to carry out his project, he adds.


He is in the recruitment phase. He still has some vacancies on the twenty or so people who will be at work in the establishment at the opening.

“I find it remarkable that employees waited two months to continue working with us. They are faithful people, “he says.

“It’s a great mark of respect. I lift my hat. “

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