Ointment of discord: Shania Twain’s secret cream is no longer produced in Stanstead

It was 20 years ago. A small company in Stanstead was talking about her across the planet. Canadian singer Shania Twain, at the height of her fame, used one of her cow products for her face.
The story does not tell if the Canadian Country Queen still uses Bag Balm ointment, but it can be said that it ended badly for Eric and Diane Smith, the owners of Dr. AC Daniels of Stanstead.

Ms. Smith has a bitter memory of the end of the adventure that ended in 2017, when the family business was sold to a US investment company. The promised royalties have never been paid, she says.

“We thought about suing the American company. We consulted a lawyer from Burlington, but we decided to give up. It’s a big company with a lot of resources. It would have cost us thousands of dollars to pursue them, “she told La Tribune.

“Our company is closed. We no longer produce the ointment. ”

The balm, remember, is intended for the udder of dairy cows. It is used by farmers to treat wounds and chapped teats.

The beautiful singer revealed to use the ointment for her face, her hair and her toes. Everyone wanted to know more about his secret beauty, read at the time in a dispatch of Agence France Presse.

Sales then exploded. Media reports at the time that the company sold nearly 30,000 pots per month, while it sold on average as much in one year.

Ms. Smith remembers the excitement that prevailed at that time. “It’s a wonderful story. What happened at that moment with Shania was wonderful, “she says.

“Our sales grew 75 percent. ”

But Health Canada quickly took the case. “Health Canada has been very strict with us. It is a product for veterinary use only. For animals only, “says Smith.

“We could not say that someone was using it for his face. We had to remove everything related to Shania Twain from our website. ”

When the company stopped producing green jars, two full-time and two part-time employees were there, she added.

Jeff, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, had been in charge since 2002. So this is a company that has seen three generations succeed one another.

It is a Lyndonville, Vermont-based company that currently produces Bag Balm ointment. Diane Smith is offended that the product is on sale in Canada. Again, we gave up taking legal action against the manufacturer, she says.

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