No breaks in service this summer at CIUSSS

The management of the CIUSSS of Estrie-CHUS expected a very difficult summer throughout its establishment and it had “prepared accordingly by setting up a large number of actions very early”. Management casts a relieved glance over the summer that its staff and patients have just crossed “even if everything was not perfect everywhere”.
“The summer period is not over yet and the official report will be known a little later in the fall,” nuance entry Gaëlle Simon, assistant director of human resources for integrated management of the hand -working at the CIUSSS of Estrie-CHUS, stating that the summer period starts in May and ends in early October at CIUSSS.

“Among the positive things, we have maintained the service offering everywhere; there was no breakage of services, “she says.

If employees found the summer difficult (see other text), however, patients were entitled to the same services as in the spring or they will be entitled to fall.

“This summer, there was the same number of hours worked as in April; it means that we have given so many services, “says Simon.

“We have also managed to bring back 50 people to work; it’s a net gain in hours worked in the organization and something we did not manage to do last summer, “she says. This does not mean that employees did not go on salary insurance this summer, but with the number of returns, the net gain for the organization is still 50 people.

“We also have a reduction in mandatory overtime, especially for Beneficiary Attendants (PABs),” says Simon without hiding, however, that overtime and mandatory overtime were still part of the table throughout the summer, and this, everywhere in the organization.

“We did not reach our targets 100%, but we made gains compared to last summer,” she adds.

“We did not reach our targets at 100%, but we made gains compared to last summer. ”
– Gaëlle Simon, from the CIUSSS of Estrie-CHUS

The summer is not over as the Human Resources Department is working on the next periods that are likely to be difficult, such as the holiday season and the summer of 2020.

“We are in the process of sustaining the actions we put in place in the spring. We did a lot of work with our union partners, even during the summer, to stabilize the teams, “says Gaëlle Simon.

The CIUSSS was able to count this summer on a large number of students who came to work during their school break. Now that students have returned to school, what will be done to make up for their loss?

“With the end of the summer period, our usual strength of work is back, there are fewer vacations. We try to extend our guarantee of hours so that people stay with us according to their availability; we are also trying to reduce the minimum availability that is required of our employees, “she cites as examples.

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