Nicolas Perreault finishes first of Invitation Montreal

With a ticket for a second participation at the World Junior Speed ​​Skating Championships in early September, Sherbrooke native Nicolas Perreault presented himself at the first Invitation Montréal competition this weekend, with the intention of garnering experience. In fact, he has accomplished more than that.
Perreault won the 1500m race Friday night, before doing the same Saturday, in a wild 500m.

Then, with his teammates relay 3000, Perreault raised the money on Saturday behind the Netherlands.

Finally, Sunday, his sixth position in the 1000m allowed him to win the first place in the cumulative among men, with a total of 23,277 points.

Félix Roussel of the Sherbrooke Speed ​​Skating Club (CPVS) finished 8th with 6153 points.

“It was the first edition of this competition, which included junior and senior skaters. My main goal was to gain experience and prepare for the World Junior Championships, “he said.

And experience, he has acquired in the final of the 500 m; a group crash in the last corner, while in the lead, upset the race.

“I did well through the preliminary rounds. In final A, I left early, but it caught me behind in the last half-lap, and I fell. There is a Federation regulation that states that when the leading skater is upset and falls, the officials start the race again. One skater was disqualified, and another was injured, so we were four in the final. I was exhausted, but I could still win, “he analyzed.

In fact, Perreault earned his second pass for the Junior World Championships two weeks ago in Calgary when the Canadian Junior Championships were presented.

In the West, he collected gold in the 1500m, en route to a second place overall.

In his last year of eligibility in the junior category, Perreault will be in territory known, this time, to the World Juniors.

“I would like to make a podium and collect a medal, that’s for sure. I am more stable, I improved my overtaking, it will help me. And above all, there I know what to expect, which was not the case last year at my first experience, “said Nicolas Perreault.

The 2020 World Juniors will be played from January 31st to February 2nd in Bormio, Italy.

The CPVS had other representatives this weekend in Montreal; Adélie Arvisais-Bacon (38th), Alyson Lalonde (23rd), Alex Lepage-Farrell (10th), Ann-Sophie Bachand (11th), Jasmine Grenier (56th) and Sean McAnuff (35th).

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