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Well-being and healthy eating is what motivated Sherbrooke’s Claudia Poulin to start a business. Alongside her life partner, Dominic Dubé, Claudia Poulin is head of the company Evive Smoothie, which treats Canadians who love shaved drinks.
Diplômée Bachelor of psychoeducation at the University of Sherbrooke, Claudia did not think one day go into business and even less with his longtime boyfriend.

His interest in well-being was born of a curiosity for the vegan diet. After having documented herself on the subject, she decides to try this way of life.

“Healthy eating has really changed my life. I had a passion for well-being. I saw that it made a difference on my health. I started talking to people about my vegan lifestyle and healthy eating. How it had made a difference in my life. For me, well-being involves healthy eating. My definition is to eat the least processed possible. I wanted to share that with people, “says Claudia Poulin.

However, it does not give itself the mission to convert people to this type of plan.

“Our products are vegan and it’s not really something I’m trying to put forward. It’s a characteristic, a bit like a gluten-free product. The goal is to bring more variety and encourage people to include in their diet a meal without meat and dairy products. I wanted to share that, “she adds.

One morning, while preparing her morning smoothie, she wondered about the different ways to simplify the making of a smoothie.

“Without having to take out the blender, find the protein and all the ingredients. We knew that there was a way to simplify everything, “she says, recalling the beginnings of her growing business.

The adventure of Evive Smoothie started on Facebook.

“At first we started with a Facebook page to tell people we had started the project. We did not expect to have as many answers. We already had orders and we did not have a process yet to do the production. We arranged with what we had. Our business model was to test our products with picking points in Sherbrooke. It was much later that our products arrived in grocery stores. ”

Since then, the Montreal-based company has been expanding. Evive Smoothie products are available in many grocery stores.

The key to success

Claudia Poulin has managed to carve out a place in the world of entrepreneurship because she listened to her many mentors, but also because she mixed passion and employment .

“The thing for me was to get into business with my passion. I took healthy eating and well-being and delivered these passions to the public. Making a difference in people’s lives is what motivated me. ”

For some, partnerships with a parent or spouse may seem like a difficult task. For Claudia and Dominic, it’s a winning formula.

“We did the Start-up weekend at the Université de Sherbrooke. It was not this competition that necessarily started our adventure, but it was a weekend that made us start a project. At first, it was just a project for fun. We continued and realized that we worked well together. We have a very nice dynamic, we complement each other well, “admits Claudia Poulin, noting that everything is not always rosy when working with her beloved.

Dominic, a mechanical engineering graduate, is more of a strategy and marketing executive, while Dominic says Claudia is the soul of Evive Smoothie.

“Image, marketing and products are more my cup of tea. We have the same vision and our respective roles are very clear. We each bring something to the company. We are made to be in business together. ”


Graduate in psychoeducation at the University of Sherbrooke
Promotes lifestyle and vegan diet

Started in entrepreneurship with his spouse Dominic Côté
East at the head of the company Evive Smoothie

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