Maxime Latour lives his dream

One must never lose hope of realizing one’s dreams. And Maxime Latour is an eloquent example.
Theformer long – time Green & Or team specialist at the UniversitĂ© de Sherbrooke is now part of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers organization, after a last minute call.

And like that, he has already played a game in the CFL (Canadian Football League).

But the way to get to this first match among professionals was far from commonplace.

In fact, his career since the end of his university career, demonstrates the reality of a majority of players in the CFL.

Latour was first invited to the Alouettes’ training team at the end of the season in 2018, where he spent five weeks before being released.

A few days after his release, he signed a two-year contract with the Alouettes. He was invited to the training camp last spring before being released again at the end of the same camp.

“The Alouettes preferred to keep Martin BĂ©dard, a veteran of many seasons in the CFL. I understood the situation perfectly, “he explained.

A month later, an injury to the Toronto Argonauts’ long-time rebate specialist made the phone ring at Latour’s agent.

The Toronto organization wanted to see him at work.

“Basically, I did a Montreal-Toronto round trip. When I arrived there, their specialist was no longer hurt, it seems, so I picked up my bag and went home! I only went to Toronto! ”

Back in Montreal, Latour began a job in his field of work, carpentry / carpentry.

He was far from suspecting that he would not spend the next few months working on wood.

“It was Labor Day Monday. I had lunch and my agent called me saying that Winnipeg needed a long-time discount specialist, and they would call me. What they did, half an hour later. In the same evening, I left for Winnipeg for a test, with three pairs of pants, three pairs of shorts and my toothbrush! ”

“On Tuesday, I was doing my test in front of the DG, the head coach and the special units coordinator. After 15 minutes, they told me perfect, we’ll take you! I made the rebates for the kicks during the training week. ”

Latour did well in training, Chad Rempel’s injury was extended (he has since been on the six-game injury list) and Latour finally played his first CFL game on Sept. 7 against Saskatchewan , a victory of 35-10.

“I really had to turn around quickly! Everything happened so fast! There are not many specialist positions in long CFL discounts, the door can close quickly enough. ”

“The atmosphere was amazing at the match! The stadium was full and the reputation of the fans , who are known to be the loudest in the CFL, is not overrated! I did my five snaps , all perfect! I am still on a cloud! The week off that match helped me get into the bath. So far, so good, with coaches and other players. Here, football is really big. I live in the hotel, and sometimes I walk to the stadium, and I am recognized in the street. It must be said that my beard helps a little! It’s really a different reality, different from what I experienced in Montreal. ”

Obviously, Latour’s fate is linked to the one he replaces. Chad Rempel is also the oldest active player in the CFL.

“If his absence continues, I may have other responsibilities and perhaps play until the end of the season. In any case, it’s just magic! I enjoy the experience to the max, we must embark when the train passes. “

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