Manoir des Doux Souvenirs adopts SOFI

LAC-DROLET – Innovation is no longer the preserve of large companies.
The Residence Le Manoir des Doux Souvenirs, located in Lac-Drolet, near Lac-Mégantic, which currently has only 19 residents, has developed a major care management software, which is called SOFI, an acronym for Health, Optimization, Reliability and Computer Science.

The co-owner of this seniors’ residence, Marc-André Perron, is full of praise for this software which represents for him efficiency and major financial savings.

“I spent at least 40 hours doing all sorts of paperwork related to the lives of my residents,” he began at the start of the press conference on Wednesday. “So we used a lot of paper, not to mention also for cleaning and other tasks. We are now approaching “Zero Waste”, going from a big binder for each resident to a simple tablet for all residents! ”

“This is a versatile tool that facilitates many tasks, whether it’s assessing each resident’s needs, work plans for each employee, as well as informing caregivers, social workers and care directors. , nurses, doctors, etc. Even remote records consultations, instructions to nurses, beneficiary attendants, are possible through access permissions at certain levels by passwords.

“SOFI allows access to a highly secure environment, confidentiality issue, it is the virtual nurse, with profile, dashboards, records, access to various reports and documents, processes according to the needs of residents, follow-ups the tasks to be performed by the staff, which makes things much easier. There is a capacity for rapid evaluation of several parameters. It may even be useful for firefighters to quickly evacuate residents in the event of an emergency incident, “said Robert Coutu of Télémédic, who markets the software.

The Manoir des Doux Souvenirs is the first institution of its kind to have acquired this software.

“The fact that we recover a lot of time, with less administration to perform, allows us to give better care to our residents. In addition, it is a big incentive when hiring staff, especially in the context of the labor shortage we are living in. It’s also an advantage when we have to hire young people who are familiar with new computer technologies, who are virtually born with a digital tablet in their hands. The software is learned very quickly! ”

SOFI becomes an ally when it comes to managing the movement of residents, preventing the hospitalization staff of one of these, also for the management of drugs, even if it is done manually, and can go up ‘to enable the remote connection of the CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS interveners, who thus have access to the residents’ file, which may be advantageous for certain aspects of the follow-up work.

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